Invisalign Melbourne: What You Need to Know

Updated on September 15, 2019

Who doesn’t want a perfect set of straight white teeth? If your answer is yes, then you share the same opinion with so many people across regions and cultures. Having that set of pearly straight white teeth is almost a blessing for some as this does not occur naturally in most people. 

What’s The Reason For My Crooked Teeth?

Genetics play an important role with our teeth alignment. If your parents didn’t have a straight set of teeth, then you probably don’t have them as well. It’s just a fact of life that you have to live with. It’s not terrible, yet seeing other people have them makes you want to have it as well. It’s not just about the aesthetics either as having crooked teeth is also difficult to clean. There are a lot more nooks and crannies where food particles can attach. If this is not removed, it could lead to plaque formation and further damage to your teeth. Learn more about taking care of your pearly whites properly here.

Over the years, there were only two ways to have your teeth aligned straight. One is surgery, the fastest yet most expensive way to have them? Cosmetic dentists will remove or surgically open your gums to get your teeth straight. The other one is using metal braces. This involves securing them with metal attachments to make them straight.

You can wear braces for years and it is quite difficult to remove. It is also very painful to wear and maintain. This is also why many people would rather have a set of straight teeth rather than to wear metal braces. They also look rather horrid and you would have to change your own lifestyle just to wear them. There are a lot of food that you can’t eat. 

What Is Invisalign?

In recent years, there have been major developments in the field of dentistry. One of which is a variant of braces but it’s quite different. Invisalign was the first company that introduced clear aligners to the public back in the early 2000’s. However, their popularity reached its peak in the middle of the decade until they decided to branch out internationally. Since then, they had more than 5 million customers worldwide and they keep on growing. It was introduced here in Australia back in 2002 and now over a thousand dentists and orthodontists are trained with their methods. You can visit some of their websites like for more details.

Invisalign is now getting more popular because it offers similar results with the traditional braces all without the hassle. For example, it is barely noticeable when you are wearing them. It is made their own blend of safe plastics which are attached to your teeth. Also, it is relatively pain free than the metal braces because you can actually remove it by yourself. You don’t have to give up on what you enjoy just because you want to get your teeth fixed. The plastic is also sturdy enough that it can force your teeth to align without being uncomfortable. You are also not prone to bad breath because you can clean your teeth properly without the braces getting in the way. 

Even though Invisalign is a great alternative to metal braces, here are some things that you need to remember before considering this procedure:

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1. You Need To See A Doctor Before Getting Invisalign

As with any kind of treatment or procedure, it is necessary that you need to meet with a dentist or orthodontist who are trained with Invisalign. Not all of them have the technology Invisalign provides so you need to find one who is accredited. Invisalign is also very different from traditional braces and retainers when it comes to the process of making the aligner and attaching it to your teeth. Also, not everyone can use Invisalign especially those with whose teeth are extensively damaged. Either they need to fix it first before Invisalign or you need to stick with the metal braces. It will all depend on your doctor’s assessment. 

2. Cleaning After Any Kind Of Meal Is Necessary

The aligners are attached to your teeth, but they can be removed rather easily, especially when you need to eat. This is nice since you can eat almost anything you want. Well, almost as you may read further into this article. However, you also need to brush your teeth after any kind of meal even snacks. This is because the food particles can actually stick to the aligner and it can be very difficult to remove. You will have to clean the aligner before you put it on again. Also, these days Invisalign uses attachments to make sure that the aligners will not move while you wear them. This can be a challenge to remove and reattached, but at least it is so much better than permanent braces.

3. It Can Still Affect Your Food Choices And Wearing Cosmetics

Yes, you can eat whatever you want when you use Invisalign provided that you clean your teeth and aligners thoroughly. However, there are some drinks that you may need to avoid or minimize while using Invisalign aligners. Sodas, coffee and tea can stain your aligners permanently and it would look horrible once you put it back on. You can still drink them provided that you brush your teeth after your finish your beverage. Lipsticks and colored lip gloss can also stain your aligner so you may want to avoid using those unless you want a permanently red aligner. 

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4. The 20-22 Hour Wear Time Is Not A Joke

You still need to wear the aligner for the allotted time period to achieve optimal results. The last 2-4 hours are reserved for when you need to eat and remove the aligner. Most doctors would suggest for you to stick to this time pattern so that it will not affect the end result. It can be quite uncomfortable to remove and attach, but you’ll get used to it eventually.

All in all, Invisalign is a great way for you to have a nice straight set of teeth without all the pain and discomfort of traditional braces. However, you need to ask your dentist or orthodontist about it so that you will know what to expect about this treatment.

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