Integrating Holistic Care into the Healthcare Paradigm

Updated on November 29, 2021

Healthcare is at the precipice of yet another major shift. The pandemic has forced telehealth to take center stage, and with future EMR adoption on the horizon greater services and more universal automation integration will become the norm. However, what healthcare professionals cannot allow to happen is for the human touch to be replaced by automation. 

Automatically checking in on patients and monitoring vitals can be an excellent way to allow those with advanced medical needs to enjoy a more independent lifestyle with the full confidence of a medical team behind them, but vital monitoring and telehealth sessions are only one aspect of care that can be covered through technology. Holistic care, therapy, emotional care, and even spiritual care must all be integrated into a more robust healthcare strategy for every person. Mental health and wellbeing play a crucial part in good health, and integrating them into standard healthcare treatment plans is a must. 

Integrating Holistic and Therapeutic Care into Healthcare

Integrating holistic and therapeutic care is a must, and it needs to be coordinated alongside traditional healthcare models. This can work in many ways, starting with improved directories that allow patients to connect with therapy clinics and professionals depending on their concerns. 

This way, those who are seeking therapeutic care to help them process the death of a loved one can find the right therapist or psychologist for the job. Similarly, those dealing with stress and general malaise can find the right local option for them. Those in San Diego, for example, should be able to easily connect to the right San Diego therapy not only as a personal preference and at personal cost, but through their healthcare system. 

Combining Holistic and Medical, Eastern and Western 

Integrating a combination of techniques and practices that help holistically and medically will improve the overall quality of life on top of the health of individuals across the country. Engaging with emotional and mental health in this way can help fortify patients and help them better withstand issues like stress and help them process traumatic experiences that tend to physically alter the mind and body. 

One Does Not Work Without the Other 

Humans are incredibly emotional beings. We rise to passion, fall in love, grieve, cry, and laugh – and these emotions are an integral part of who we are. The same applies to our mental health. 

Mental health should never be something only considered and cared for when the mind is in a crisis. Everyday mental health care, therapy, and holistic techniques designed to help improve mental health and emotional health should be considered just as integral to a healthy person as medical checkups, and medication are. 

It is more difficult to treat a mind than to help the body fight off an infection or treat a disease. Preventative, and in this case holistic therapeutic care, can help with this, and it needs to be made more accessible to everyone. From more affordable models to better directories and systems, those who need help can find the perfect therapist, clinic, or method to improve their mental health and wellbeing. 

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