Insurance Claims and Litigation

Updated on April 20, 2021

Disasters usually come along with unexpected challenges, from drastic financial burdens to unmeasurable losses. An individual may end up losing a house, car, or other essential properties. Another challenge such people usually face is obtaining fair insurance coverage from their damages. Essentially, that is where a lawyer’s expertise will come into play. 

Whenever one seeks to obtain coverage from an insurance company, it is an excellent idea to seek assistance from a lawyer. Most insurance agencies have mastered the art of conning their way of not paying clients or manipulating the information in their favor. A lawyer, especially one who specializes and is experienced in this area, will always help someone navigate the challenges. 

And Potts Law Firm is the go-to office to get assistance. They boast extensive knowledge in navigating the confusing and stressful journey towards a successful compensation claim from damages caused by natural disasters. What sets them apart is the team of experienced trial attorneys dedicated to helping clients get what they deserve. Also, they handle a range of natural disaster claims with specific cases discussed below. 

Fire and Smoke Damage

Usually, in most states, including Texas, fire and smoke damages are covered through homeowner and commercial property insurance. But as common as the expectation, the property insurer will turn away policyholders for one or two reasons. While this is a common practice by most insurance companies, seeking legal assistance can always make the biggest difference. When one has been denied coverage, should seek assistance from Potts Law Firm. The experienced attorneys here will be glad to help whenever necessary. 

Hailstorms, Hurricanes, And Tornadoes

Natural disasters come with severe damages. Some of them usually extend to even bring damages to the neighboring houses and other properties. Insurance companies categorize damages by weather-related perils as catastrophes. When such incidents affect many people at once, the insurance companies will likely have challenges solving individual cases well. They are likely to overlook specific details in each claim that could otherwise bring the biggest difference. But no one should suffer insufficient or undeserved coverage when Potts Law Firm is available to help. 

Theft and Vandalism

Theft and vandalism are serious cases that can leave someone counting unreplaceable losses. It brings financial constraints and comes with other damages that can inconvenience someone’s way of life. Insurance companies cover such activities under the property insurance but with some limits. And that is where disputes may arise, calling for the assistance of a lawyer. Potts Law Firm offers experienced and reliable attorneys who can help.

Pipes Burst and Water Damage

A damaged, leaky, or burst pipe may cause several damages to a home. All these can lead to scary scenes from destroying the flooring, electrical shortages, and stagnant water. It gets worse when the insurance company fails to pay or underpays. The best thing a victim should do in such a case is seeking legal assistance from a reputable lawyer. Contact Potts Law Firm anytime to evaluate the insurance claim. 

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