Industry Leader Eon Launches Its Patient Connect Solution

Updated on March 26, 2022

Denver-based health technology leader Eon announces the release of Eon Patient Connect, a web-based software solution that provides healthcare facilities with two-way SMS communication. Patient Connect allows hospital systems to take control of their patient engagement, increasing adherence and reducing no-shows by almost half.

Patient Connect is available as a single solution, or as an add-on functionality to current Eon customers using Eon Patient Management (EPM) software solution. EPM is the most comprehensive patient management platform on the market today to identify radiologic actionable findings and manage patients at risk for cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Patient Connect offers several key features to improve patient-facility communication, including two-way SMS messaging, custom reporting and message templates, automated triggers to update patient status, scheduling for when the message is to be sent to patients, and notification when a patient replies to a message.

LifePoint Health was the first hospital system to pilot Patient Connect. After decreasing patient no-shows and improving throughput, Patient Connect is now being expanded through the enterprise. Bart Daugherty, VP Clinical Technology and Systems, LifePoint Health states, “It’s remarkable how much Eon has helped us improve our patient care and bottom line. Their platform helps us identify & capture incidental findings in several disease cohorts, maintain patient connection, and allows for guidelines-based approach for each disease cohort. This allows us to be proactive against these diseases in the communities we serve.”

In addition to reducing no-shows by up to 50%, Patient Connect also delivers other important benefits to facilities, like improving scheduling efficiency by enabling hospital departments to maximize schedules by offering any changed appointments to other patients. Patient Connect also improves communication to patients because SMS reminders are generally read instantly, are rarely ignored, are unobtrusive, allow for improved connectivity, and ensure the message is delivered to the intended recipient. Patient Connect also streamlines operations with flexible technology that allows facilities to send information to patients while also providing critical and important communication to internal staff.

As a stand-alone solution or added to EPM, Patient Connect makes it easy and efficient for facilities and patients to stay connected and on track with the care continuum. EPM solutions are available for multiple disease states, including lung, aortic aneurysms, pancreas, thyroid, breast, adrenal, renal, and liver. EPM is also available for actionable findings, serving as a safety net for other disease states so that no patient falls through the cracks.

Eon is constantly innovating and enhancing its products to arm facilities with the latest tools to help with early diagnosis and improved patient outcomes. The company is live in over 340 facilities and offers its disease-defying technology to hospitals across the country. Eon’s dedication and drive are fueled by the positive outcomes of early identification and intervention of catastrophic disease.

About Eon
Eon is a data science company that reduces variation in care and ensures adherence through patient capture, engagement, management, and tracking. We are on a mission to ensure the right data reaches the right people at the right time to make patients healthier and healthcare affordable. We believe together we can defy disease.

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