Independent Pharmacy Solves Patient Woes


In the world of technology and fast pace internet, the Independent pharmacy provides best services to patients who are in need of an online based pharmacy that would deliver them their medicine at home. 

The Independent Pharmacy is a UK based company that was established by two pharmacist who felt the immense need of an online company that would help patients buy their medicine without having to worry about going all the way to a pharmacy and risk getting fake or at times, expired medicine. 


Scott McDougall and Andy Boysan established the online pharmacy with hopes of providing the best service and that is the reason their team constitutes of highly experienced pharmacists and doctors. Andy Boysan has reportedly confirmed that employees at The Independent Pharmacy are all with 25+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Their collective motive was to demolish all stigma around ordering medicines online and help customers order medicines that they are too embarrassed to ask for in person. The Independent pharmacy offers medicines for many different diseases, patients looking to order can go to their site and alphabetically search for their diseases and the medicines they offer.

 In addition to the medicine itself the Independent Pharmacy offers medical advice for the condition you are suffering from and what alternate treatments you can go for. The Frequently Asked Questions section under every disease is a great initiative by the experts as it serves as great help for the patients who have questions in their mind but no one to ask them to. The author who has written the advice section and the answers for the FAQ are listed at the bottom of the page. Concerned patients can view the profile for the author and check whether the person is qualified enough to give the advice. The profile of the author features qualification backgrounds, registration details and the years of experience.  

For clients who are looking to order medicines online can order through the Independent Pharmacy by following a simple procedure that is explained in depth on the site.

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