Increase Motion and Reduce Joint Pain Through Renew Stem Cell Therapy

Updated on May 25, 2020

Stem cell therapy utilizes the own stem cells of a patient for repairing injuries and damaged tissues. It is a part of a regenerative medicine field that is rapidly growing. This therapy is utilized to include treating ligament and tendon tears, increasing flexibility and motion, and reducing joint pain. 

Stem Cell Defined 

Prior to delving deep into the real perks of renewing stem cell therapy, it is vital to understand what stem cell is all about in general. 

Stem cells are cells that are undifferentiated and found all through the body. In specific adult tissues, like brain, muscle, and bone marrow, discrete populations of stem cells generate the replacement for the cells lost due to disease, injury, or normal wear and tear. These will multiply for replenishing dying cells and generating different cell types. The scientific interest in the stem cell is generally centered on its ability to divide or self-renewing indefinitely and generating various cell types. The stem cell serves as a mother cell that possesses the potential of becoming all types of cells. Each tissue and organ in the body grows from clusters of stem cells quite early in development. These are the foundation cells as well as one’s respective bank of self-healing.  For more information, contact Renew Stem Cell.

Benefits Galore 

With countless options available, people may be in a fix as to the benefits of selecting stem cell therapy. Overall, stem cell therapy uses biologic material that is directly harvested from the patient; the general perks comprise minimal worry, minimal recovery time, and minimal risk. Take a look at the different benefits of choosing stem cell therapy, 

  • No Risks, No Complications, and Avoid Surgery- Stem cell therapy, simply put, is a procedure that is non-surgical and minimally invasive. The stem cell is harvested from the bone marrow of the patient from the pelvis (iliac crest). 
  • Same Day Method- Post comprehensive review and examination of the one’s case, radio-imaging scans, and blood tests are done for establishing a baseline for their pre-existing condition. It is the same-day method where the consultant needs to decide which regenerative therapy line will be the most ideal for their case. This, in certain cases, maybe the merge of more than a single treatment protocol. However, for some patients, the complete protocol will be an injection series in different treatment sessions.
  • Short Recovery Time- For any injury, for that matter, its treatment only cannot be quite a time-consuming affair but truly the recovery time. Through stem cell therapy, the time to recover will be quite minimal. 
  • No General Anesthesia- Often, anesthesia causes anxiety in the majority. Topical anesthesia in regenerative treatment is used. Thus, no side effect is felt after. This treatment helps in the own natural ability of the body to repair itself, sans the usage of any medication.  
  • No Transmission of Communicable Disease and No Rejection Risk- For using biologics that are extracted from patients, there will be no risk for rejection. The moment the cells originate in the body, there will no risk for the disease to spread from/or another individual.

For best results, get the stem cell therapy done through an expert. 

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