How Yakuzen Therapy Is Important To Get Healthy Life?

Updated on May 30, 2021

Saori  Mizuta is the yakuzen oriented psychology lecturer amongst many other titles who has introduced Yakuzen psychology concept and has written many books to motivate people to change their life style. Being a yakuzen oriented expert, she has introduced the Yakuzen psychology to those in need but may not be accessible to acquiring Yakuzen related meal on their own . Yakuzen is originally known as a Chinese food therapy that helps in keeping the body healthy. 

Saori being originated from Nagoya city (Aichi prefecture):Japan, she has combined the Japanese meal tradition as an element in order to cater to the needs of those who are looking for healthy lifestyle choices both mentally and physically.

“When I entered university, I decided to go for a course that relates to my further career.

I was torn between being a kindergarten teacher, which I had longed for in the past, and a dietitian, but I chose the dietitian course because I love to eat.”Ys4sbojN6oONIBjuvITQ kB7O0EnAc1Nf6ae4GTAi5brmxo rlJ9ikqYE7BLkkB9 0A7M7tm3NyZhZbd2sgOwFKwR kSZk13sY1ej5iV1mRmALm6BZCOqu2Pazvw mmrtwM4mr0nZikNheO 2Q

Saori Continues 

“By chance, I saw an advertisement on the subway and found an ad of yakuzen fair. I came to the understanding that “ingredients” themselves have effects, which is different from nutritional science, that captured me and I wanted to learn more about it. I found out that there was a qualification for yakuzen, and I went to Tokyo for one year to obtain the qualification for yakuzen. I found out that yakuzen is a method of producing positive effects by combining ingredients that understanding inspired me to learn more about it. I started out by offering yakuzen courses and yakuzen tea with the idea that I wanted people to become healthy and happy through eating. I wanted to pass on the knowledge of  Yakuza that would be useful to others, and thought there must be people in my home town Nagoya region who want to know about yakiuzen just like me! That’s what I was thinking while working on the launch of my project.”

How is Yakuzen therapy beneficial?

The method of yakuzen psychology, which is a combination of yakuzen, nutrition, lifestyle and psychology, is a method that even people who do not know about yakuzen can use and feel the effect of improving their disorder.

Saori shares “If the person’s mind is not in shape, it will definitely affect the body. Negative thinking always creates a bad impact on the body. People who take stress suffer from various types of problems like hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and depression. Therefore, to keep yourself healthy, you should refresh your mind and build positive thinking. When the mind is stressed, the person starts suffering from stomachaches, stiff muscles, insomnia, and loss of appetite.” 

Therefore, to help people to come out of this state of mind, Saori created the Yakuzen oriented psychology. “The purpose of yakuza psychology is to make the bodies and minds of many people beautiful and healthy. The main objective is to bring smiles to the faces of people.” Shares Saori. “To maintain the minds and bodies of people, there was a need to look at psychology in terms of thinking and lifestyle. Using the Yakuzen technique, it was possible to feel and see effects without any hard practice. This helps people to improve their physical conditions and assisted in making their minds healthy. They started thinking positively.”

Health benefits of Yakuzen meals and psychology

Shared by Saori Mizuta

In order to make your body and mind healthy and beautiful, it is important to review your diet, lifestyle, thoughts, and state of mind from an objective point of view as early as possible.

After three days, you will feel that the symptom is your best condition, and after three months, you will feel that the symptom is your best condition. It becomes more and more chronic, and you lose sight of your true physical condition. It is important to improve your constitution as soon as possible in order to solve the root of your problems. 

In addition, it is often the case that the food you are eating is not balanced when viewed objectively. 

In nutritional consultations, people who say they are concerned about coldness may be eating only foods that they think are good for their health, or they may be eating unbalanced foods, or their cooking methods may be unbalanced. 

Having an objective point of view will help you to adjust your diet and eliminate your problems. 

The way you think on a daily basis also has an impact. Dwelling on worries can weaken the digestive system. If you are sad and pessimistic, it will affect your lungs.

What foods come under Yakuzen Cuisines?

To get health benefits from the Yakuzen therapy, there is a need to choose the food that helps maintain the health of minds and bodies.  To get a synergistic effect, one must use healthy food and improve lifestyle. It is one of the best examples of Yakuzen food that will provide your body all ingredients that nourish your body.

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Final Verdict 

Saori shares her future plans in spreading the knowledge and benefits of yakuza oriented therapy globally. 

“I would like to contribute to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) “Health and Well-being for All” by adopting the yakuzen card.

We are currently in the process of developing yakuzen cards.

By using the cards, people from children to adults can easily work with them. By improving your own constitution and knowing how to manage your daily ailments, you can lead a healthy and happy life.

I have heard that there are already graduates who are teaching yakuzen psychology in the U.S., and they are very interested in it. I would like to spread the harmony of health and happiness more and more.

I would also like to publish the contents of yakuzen psychology overseas so that more and more people can benefit from it and become healthy.”


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