How & Where to Buy CBD Products in Europe

Updated on August 27, 2021

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The European market of CBD products is quite wide. In this article, we will provide you with a guide to how and where you can purchase different products with CBD in Europe.

Where are CBD products used?

Cannabidiol (CBD) products are extracting material from the cannabis plant. CBD oil acts on the receptors of the endocannabinoid system in humans or any mammals’ body. The product can be used for the treatment of pain and inflammation and help protect the nervous system and treat anorexia.

What kinds of CBD products are there?

The forms of release of CBD are very diverse – oils, liquids for vape and hookah, creams, liquid solution, gummies, sprays, suppositories, bath bombs, teas, capsules, shots, toppings for coffee and ice cream, and so on.

In addition, there are various options for CBD extracts. None of them are better or worse relative to each other. Each essence is for its application and its task. For example, there are raw extracts, full-spectrum oils, distillate CBD, isolate CBD, and so on.

In dependence of the composition, you can find CBD in oils, cosmetics, liquids for vaping. Sometimes it is even added to food, both for people and for animals. You can get acquainted with various CBD products here.

In what dosages should CBD products be used?

The therapeutic or cosmetological effect of CBD products may appear only a few weeks after the start of the application. For some people and animals, CBD products can have a slight, almost imperceptible effect. At the same time, some people and animals may react acutely to CBD. Therefore, before regular use, you should always consult a doctor. The dosage of CBD oil depends on the weight of a person, his state of health, existing chronic diseases, and the purpose of use.

Who produces CBD products?

There are not so many companies in the world that produce pure extracts from plant raw materials. It is due to restrictions on the cultivation of cannabis in most countries. Specialized companies use highly concentrated extracts to manufacture the final products. And Alpinols is among such companies presented in the European market.

Where to buy CBD products?

CBD products are subject to various regulations. The laws around CBD products can vary in countries.

In Europe, you can buy CBD on prescription almost everywhere without enrolling in special cannabis programs. Nevertheless, you should know some restrictions. Some countries ban cannabis and its derived products. Both distribution and an attempt to purchase such products can lead to criminal prosecution, fines, and imprisonment. It applies to those countries where illegal drug traffic is widespread (Albania, Armenia) or highly developed state regulation of any medicines (Belarus). In most European countries, Legal Lean rules regulate the turnover of CBD products. It means they sell CBD products by prescription. But the sale of these products as a food supplement is not allowed (Austria, Estonia, Finland, Bulgaria). But there are also at least ten countries with no restrictions for CBD products (Denmark, Germany, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, and some others).

You need to carefully read the legislation of the country where you want to purchase CBD products. So, you will not have any problems when paying for them, delivering them, or using them.

Final thoughts

CBD products are a novel food. They do not yet have a significant history of consumption, have not passed large-scale clinical trials. But the market continues to expand. Countries are developing regulations on the turnover of products. If you are concerned about buying high-quality products for your individual needs, you should read our guide or choose the most suitable product in our shop.

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