How We Compile the List of Live Casino Recommendations

Updated on December 6, 2021

Every casino on our list of recommended options is thoroughly vetted. Every type of game is analyzed, from roulette to exclusive variants, as well as features that are only found on certain platforms. We review the bonuses, promotions, customer support, payment methods and encryption software of the trading services/privacy protection of players who are members of these casinos.

In addition, we focus our attention on licensed casinos, so you will play every time in a safe environment from all points of view. Roulette or roulette, blackjack/21, baccarat, craps, Sic Bo, poker, casino hold’em and any other live casino games are reviewed so that we offer you only the most advantageous options for fun. The best casino software providers can be found on our list of live casino platforms. In this way, you will benefit from the ideal gaming environment, in which you can advantageously combine winnings with fun!

Few are the players in online casinos who have not tried the game of roulette at least once, be it just out of curiosity. The truth is that we consider it a game that gives you much more chances than slots (and play slots for free), for example, while being even more exciting. But no matter what we at Casino thought, the important thing is what a player can do to this online game of chance.

So, if you want to earn bonuses both financially and in terms of fun, let’s find out more about the game of roulette together. Read on because we promise to reveal many interesting things about this game! Red black is one of the most common bets on European Roulette, and the chances of success are 48.60%. About the same as with another equally popular bet among players – odd par. And let’s not forget about the big small bet, which offers the same level of chances. Looks like you have a chance of walking away with some money from the spinning wheel table, right? Let’s see how this game has progressed through history and this will give you an idea of your true chances of winning online roulette.

The authorship of the game is attributed to Pascal (17th century) only that some historians believe that the game originated from the Chinese. Which used it for occult purposes (the 37 numbers collected result in 666), And the numbers also had some animals inscribed. How true it is not known, but even the Romans and Greeks of antiquity did not seem to be careless about “spinning”. Only they used shields on which they drew symbols.

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