How to write profile for senior dating site

Updated on September 6, 2019

Nothing defines humans better than their willingness to do irrational things in the pursuit of phenomenally unlikely payoffs. This is the principle behind lotteries, dating and religion. 

                                         -Scott Adams

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center in 2013, 11 percent of American adults and 38 percent of those who were single and looking for a partner stated that they operated various online dating sites or mobile apps to find a significant match. It’s a trend for the younger generation at the outset, yet the elderlies welcome this particular course of action with both hands. 

In the ongoing decade or so, the definition of dating continuously shifts and changes. Though the younger generation has been more open-minded, seniors are now not so far behind in case of dating and particularly online. They are gathering in various dating sites in ample number. Due to the reason, many sites have opened their branch or particular section only for seniors. Some have even entered in this arena by holding only senior’s hands. 

Earlier, seniors were a bit tentative to approach to the digital world but because of the burst of technology for seniors in the last decade or 15 years, seniors have engaged themselves into digital exposure. But the thinking of indulging into online dating only is not going to do a lot of good. You have to process every step carefully and need to act in support of the mental agreement. If you’re in doubt or slightly hesitant, then you’re not up for it and online dating success might not work for you. To consider the possibility of having a go, first, you’ve to be sure and be prepared for the upcoming brace that can impact you in positive or negative either way. 

If you spend time on dating sites more and more, you would definitely find that not every dating sites coerce you to follow someone with whom you have to be romantically involved and planning a plausible future but also, some dating sites only offer you to have an option to choose someone only for company and not have to be serious from the outset. You can obviously choose someone’s profile with the same mindset of involving casually after a prolong 30 or more years of relationship and hurdles. So amidst of enumerable dating sites, you need to choose according to your preference and then the whole proceedings can commence. 

Decide what kind of person you’re looking for—

First of all, you should have a clear perception of the characteristics and forms of a person you’re looking for in your possible matched profile. You might want to portray a layout of the qualities you do want to see or not in your potential partner. Also, you need to calibrate your checklist and balance both the outcome and expectations. Your moulded preferences from your 20s are not gonna sit perfectly in senior dating services. All those years have shaped you into a totally different character and you might want to drift your preference list according to your sought and realistic desires. After all the hard work you had done in your 30s and 40s, suppose you would like to finish your unfinished travel catalogue. Then you should definitely be looking for a profile that enlists a column encourages travelling. Once you acquire a pretty well orientation of what you’re looking in your potent partner, then you should start your expedition.

Keep your bio short and leave a little mystery

A proper and intimidating profile elaboration never exhibits all the minute details. It keeps you attracted all along while it manages to keep some of the juicy parts hidden within its closet. You should remember that you want to give everyone a pique into your world, not an autobiography. And most importantly, you want to savour the moist stories while on the date to cherish. 

How to describe yourself on a dating site?

To some extent, this may be considered to be one of the trickiest parts. If you’re a novice and determined to land a foot on the dating digital world, you should consider having a bit of mentorship. You should cover the basic examples like putting the real name on, an anecdote of a bit of twist of honesty and adventure while describing your hobbies and dislikes. You need to put up 4-7 pictures of yourself or selfies. You can look up to some enticing profile that exists on and you’ll surely be surprised to see how much people can innovative and at the same time be whimsical.  

Don’t use clichés 

No amusing people will fall for the lines say “love reading books”, “love hiking”, “watching movies”, “hanging out with friends” and the list goes on for a distance. If you’ve summed up your profile bio, don’t ply with the clichés. Be innovative and quirky. You need to create a stand-out description about yourself in the profile. 

Good online dating profiles to copy

Most certainly, you don’t want to sound your bio like a job application. Basically, you’re not sure what to write? Howbeit, you may get annoyed at begin but with a little and productive effort, you can forge a profile that works for you and people who belong to your type will notice and get into it.

Below are some weird but eccentric dating profiles to have a glimpse.

Sam, 53
Nonsense > Opera
Fries > Paranormal Activity
Chemistry > Sky diving
Did I say chemistry with fries? Let’s focus..

Keith, 61
I need to be more responsible when I’m touching my nose with my tongue. You’re worried! Maybe we can procure a crash course on a Saturday evening?

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

                                 -Muhammad Ali

Without any buts and ifs, you just need to take the first step and everything else will fall in line.

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