CBD: Is This Just Another Over-Hyped Product?


Natural products that can heal and has therapeutic value become popular over some time! And since, the market is filled with many such variants, and some products can get over-hyped. These products might not carry the benefits that they are said to possess. However, that is not the case with CBD.

It’s been a while that CBD oil and other CBD products are making rounds in the market! CBD has been called the miracle drug and got shrouded with debates, discussions, and controversies. Many people and studies claim that CBD can reduce physical ailments, emotional stress, and even cancer-related symptoms. Another school of thought argues that it is all hypothetical. There’s a need for more scientific evidence to conclude on that.

Understanding CBD

However, it is important to know that CBD doesn’t cause addiction and a mental high. CBD gets sourced from Cannabis Sativa, and unlike THC, CBD is said to calm the mind and create more healing impacts in the body and mind. It gets mostly used for medicinal purpose than recreational purposes. Today, there is CBD cookies, biscuits, cakes, gummies, and many more. However, more clinical trials are indeed required to consider CBD’s claims in curing chronic ailments. Today, CBD is getting legalized in more countries than a decade back. Many social movements are still on, supporting CBD and its therapeutic properties. Many Aussies find it important that their CBD oils have a wide array of various terpenes in their profile.

How can CBD be helpful?

Everything needs to be put to good use, to realize its benefits! The same applies to CBD. Since it doesn’t cause a mental high like THC, CBD can get used to healing several physical discomforts and illness.  

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

Modern-day living is laden with stress and anxiety. From personal chores to professional targets, people want to accomplish all perfectly. However, the fear the fail often makes a person take on significant stress. It is here CBD can be helpful. It helps to calm the mind and reduce acute stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. The mind gains calm and clarity. It enables you to go about your day in a peacefully.

  • It helps to bring down your cholesterol level

Excess stress and anxiety lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol. It is not a great state to be in. With fear and anxiety, the body loses its ability to heal. Excess cholesterol can also result in several heart-related ailments and diseases. You must keep good heart health. A measured dosage of CBD oil can help.

  • Helps in curing depression and mental issues

Most mental issues happen from an unstable mental space. And anxiety and paranoia have a considerable role to play with it. CBD oil calms the mind and helps each person to relax. And that gradually improves the mind to heal the body.

There are multiple other benefits of CBD that people all over the world are witnessing. Hence, all the positive talk around CBD and its popularity is not a fad. It’s a miracle drug that needs more scientific evidence for mass acceptance.