How To Win the Wrongful Death Case of Your Life

Updated on October 10, 2023
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Losing your loved one is undoubtedly tragic, numbing, and life-altering. If certain reckless factors cause any person’s death, the loss is considered wrongful death. It indicates that the individual has lost their life due to intentional, reckless, or negligent actions. If anything like that happens, you will need to file a wrongful death case and consult with a professional, knowledgeable lawyer near you. To win a wrongful death claim and secure the decedent’s family compensation, your attorney will first need to establish every element of liability. Here is how your attorney proves and wins your wrongful death claim and helps you receive your financial right.

An Experienced Law Firm Knows How to Win a Wrongful Death 

Winning any wrongful death case relies on presenting it before the court. When you find yourself in such a situation, consulting with a professional and experienced law firm, such as this Chicago wrongful death lawyer, will be the ideal way to win your wrongful death lawsuit. Lawyers are well-versed in that legal specialty and understand how to collect and present the necessary proof so that no stones are left unturned. Another important asset of the wrongful death lawyer is when a law firm takes a case based on a contingency fee rather than asking for direct payment. A compassionate death case attorney understands that the decedent’s family is already overwhelmed by sorrow and confusion. A professional law company and its entire staff will take you through every step of your case. It includes gathering all medical bills, burial expenses, and other evidence that will help you build a compelling case. Your wrongful death case attorney will tell you about your compensation options and the chances of winning, along with the expected completion time of your case.

Elements You Have to Prove to Win a Wrongful Death Case

Your attorney must show that your wrongful death happened due to another person’s fault, negligence, or unreasonable conduct to win a wrongful death case. In this case, negligence indicates that the defendant could not act as a professional or a responsible person.

To accomplish that, your attorney would require to prove the following elements:

  1. Duty

The dead person must have been owed some due care from the other party, making them negligent for the decedent’s injury and death. Due care is generally defined as a duty of abstaining from causing harm to another person. It may also be explained as the defendant had a duty (or obligation) to hold the deceased safe and secure. For instance, in an automobile accident, the defendant was negligent driving when they had the duty to drive safely with the deceased as a passenger. This huge negligence results in the injury and death of the passenger. The deceased would still be alive if the defendant had driven lawfully or safely.

  1. Breach of duty

Once the complainant proves that the defendant had the deceased party’s legal duty, they must verify that the defendant had breached that primary duty. Your attorney might present evidence that displayed that the defendant didn’t stop at the red-light signal or drove right through the railroad crossing. As it is a civil trial and not a criminal one, the complainant must prove more than 50% that this carelessness is true. 

  1. Proving causation

The next step in a wrongful death case is when a complainant presents evidence before the court that the prior breach of duty was the cause of injury and death. For instance, if the case involved an automobile accident, the attorney must prove to the court that the defendant was recklessly driving the vehicle that took another person’s life. The defendant may have been driving carelessly, but that doesn’t matter in this death case if someone else was to blame at the intersection. Similarly, suppose the defendant’s party was driving unlawfully and caused the death of an already injured person. In that case, that can be presented as proof of causation of death. All wrongful death cases are different, and every complainant must collect solid evidence for convincing a jury.  Depending on the full case details, all proof required in court will mostly need to be very detail-oriented and accurate.

  1. Damages

To get damages from a court, the complainant must prove that the deceased person suffered all these damages. Otherwise, the court would not find a valid reason to reward the decedent’s family a wrongful death financial settlement. Your attorney must be capable of proving after duty, breach of that duty, and also causation of death that all these damages are entirely valid and tangible. At that point, your wrongful death lawyer will show evidence of due medical bills, the expense of a funeral, and unexpected monetary loss on the decedent’s family. If the deceased financially supported the family members, it would also be brought before the jury. The worth of an individual’s life is also a part of the lawsuit, especially when the deceased provided support to their family and offered professional services that increased their earnings exponentially.

How The Wrongful Death Attorney Can Win a Case

When a wrongful death lawyer files a wrongful death claim, first, they identify all defendants involved in the wrongful death. And then present the evidence of their negligence that turned out to be the cause of death. To prove the case, a wrongful death attorney must accomplish the following:

  1. Investigate the complete accident thoroughly to recognize who was at fault.
  2. Gather all evidence possible such as medical records, police reports, interview eyewitnesses, photos, and videos.
  3. Obtain expert witnesses to restructure what happened in that case and testify accordingly.
  4. Hire professionals such as tax experts, accountants, and forensic economists to display how you and your family have been destructively affected. And the considerable loss of your family member and the financial losses that resulted.

Wrongful death attorneys can do everything possible to identify the responsible parties and work hard to prove that defendants’ negligence caused the death of a person. 

If you’re looking for advice on how to win a wrongful death case, consider seeking legal assistance from professionals who specialize in such cases, like We Win.


An experienced, knowledgeable wrongful death attorney can provide you with some best dependable assistance, a better listening ear, and a robust legal strategy to win your claim. They can help you secure your financial compensation through comprehensive investigative legal solutions. You need solid evidence to prove the defendant guilty of causing injury and death to the deceased. Your attorney will guide you with everything related and required in your wrongful death case by gathering solid evidence and presenting your case in the right manner before the jury. It will help you win your case and receive the compensation reward you deserve.

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