How to Use Cold Therapy to Heal

Updated on February 22, 2023

Cold therapy is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of treatment. It has been strongly linked to numerous health benefits with everyone from office workers, laborers, celebrities to professional athletes swearing by its efficacy.  

Otherwise referred to as cryotherapy, cold therapy has been backed up by science as beneficial to the human body in many ways, so it’s not just meaningless pseudoscience. 

However, full-body cryotherapy is too expensive and time-consuming for most. Luckily there are other alternatives that will still allow you to reap all the great benefits of this unconventional form of physical therapy. Click here to learn more about it.

How Breg Polar Care Kodiak Works

Most forms of cold therapy use cold water, either through the use of cold showers or large, cold tubs of water. Athletes have used bathtubs full of ice cubes to ease their sore muscles after rigorous training. 

Some people, however, go as far as taking dips in frozen lakes, rivers, and pools during the winter. These methods, though creative, are not as effective as targeted cold therapy. This is where devices like the Polar Care Kodiak come in handy. 

This machine is a highly portable cold therapy piece of equipment that can be used for personal and clinical applications. The best part is this machine it’s battery-powered. This means you can use the Polar Care Kodiak virtually anywhere, from the office to your backyard.  

With just a little bit of ice and water, you can enjoy all the benefits of cold therapy without torturing your body by immersing yourself in a frozen lake in the middle of winter or filling up a bathtub with thousands of ice cubes. 

Benefits of Cold Therapy

Speeds Up the Metabolism

The rapid drop in heat forces the body to raise its temperature by burning up more calories to create heat energy. This means that a 6-8 hour session with the Polar Care Kodiak can burn plenty of calories and you won’t even have to lift a finger.

Reduces Inflammation on Muscles and Joints

Cold therapy helps soothe inflamed muscles and tendons. Bodybuilders and other professional athletes frequently use ice baths, ice packs, ice massages, and coolant sprays as part of their recovery routine after grueling training sessions. 

It’s great for sore or swollen muscles. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that regular cold therapy improves blood circulation, increases mental toughness, and improves sleep quality.

Boosts the Immune System

Scientific research suggests that regular exposure to cold temperatures boosts the immune system. A survey done by the Australian Catholic University found that cold water immersion was found to positively influence the conscious response of the immune system to bacterial infections. 

Those who used a cold water submersion tank or cold water immersion produced more anti-inflammatory substances in their bodies in response to these bacterial infections.

Cryotherapy Can Be Effective

When done with the right equipment, cold therapy can be extremely effective. Many fitness enthusiasts, athletes, celebrities, and social media influencers have taken to this trend. 

With so many benefits to be gained from something that is relatively affordable and easy to do, cold therapy can only become more popular with time as more people begin to realize its many benefits. 

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