How To Tell Your Resume Is Dated

Updated on February 11, 2020

It Is A Novel

While you want to include as much information as possible, you need to keep it to only the relevant information.  Talking about every job you have ever had will only make it harder for the recruiter to find the information related to the job you are applying for.  They could also miss the fact that you doubled sales for each quarter at the last company you worked at. 

Most of the time, you will want to limit your resume to one page.  You also need to use keywords to grab the attention of the recruiter.  This will help the recruiter find the information you want and provide relevant information for the job. 

It Has An Objective

In the past, your resume needed to have an objective, but this is something that modern resumes no longer need.  Current thinking is that your objective is to get the job you are applying for.  This objective is clearly displayed by the fact that you are applying for the job. 

Your new resume should focus more on marketing yourself to the recruiter.  You will be able to do this with a career summary that focuses on your talents, experience, and accomplishments.  This will tell the recruiter what you are able to bring to your new employer. For example if your chosen career path is that of a health practitioner your resume will be different to that of someone in the legal field. Read career advice for health practitioners here.

Bragging About The Basics

If the highest skill highlighted on your resume is considered a given in the current workplace, this is a major issue.  It tells recruiters that you have not made any effort to learn anything new. 

An example of this will be listing Microsoft Office only because it implies you do not know Google Docs.  Listing the number of words per minute you can type is also an issue unless you are in a profession where typing documents is all you are going to do.  

You should take a look at the job listing and see what skills are mentioned.  You can then use this information to determine the skills the hiring manager wants to see on your resume to be considered for the position. 

References Available Upon Request

While your resume can list a lot of great successes, if you have no humans vouching for you it is unlikely that you are going to get the job.  If you are applying for a job, you need to have your references at hand and ready.  Hiring managers are not going to ask you for your references anymore. 

A Lack Of Social Profile Links

Social media has become the go-to for establishing expertise in many fields.  Hiring managers and recruiters expect you to understand this and play the game.  This is why you need to have links to your social media accounts on your resume

If you do not have a website or social media account on your resume, it is assumed that you do not know social media.  It can also imply that you do not know how to write a modern resume.  Both of these implications are bad for your job prospects. 

Create A Good Resume

If you are worried that your resume is an antique, you need to take the time to update it.  If you need some help with this, there are services that offer free evaluations.  You can also hire someone to write an amazing resume for you.

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