How to Take Care of Curly Hair?

Updated on June 28, 2022

Long curly hair causes delight and admiration when you see it, but only the owners of this type of hair know that taking care of curly hair is not as simple as it seems to be to someone. Compared to the straight type, this one does not fit well and can be very tangled and fluffy. It is useless to straighten curls in rainy weather because, after a while, it still loses their shape and begin to curl. Let us talk about the main features of curly hair and the tools like hair serum, without which basic care is unthinkable. 

Curly Hair Care Tips

To understand the intricacies of hair care for curly hair, you need to know what its special structural features are. Wavy hair is a result of genetics and has the following properties:

  • If you cut such hair, you will see that it is not round but oval.
  • Its surface is porous, and the nutrition at the bending points is decreased.
  • Very often, curly hair is of a combined type — oily at the roots and dry at the tips.

Generally, curly hair may seem thick and lush, but in reality, only the illusion of volume is created. In fact, curly hair is quite sparse, and the lack of hair follicles leads to insufficient production of protective lubricant. Therefore, the scales bristle, further weakening the hair.

Therefore, one needs both the best styling products for curly hair and a proper curls treatment.

How should curly hair be washed?

The min washing rules are as follows:

  • You need to wash hair as it gets dirty, approximately once every 5-7 days.
  • When washing, be gentle and use warm, not hot water.
  • The main goal of beautiful curly hair shampoo is to remove impurities, and the conditioner will close the hair scales.
  • It is recommended to exclude tools 2 in 1 when the shampoo and conditioner are combined. A good choice is the moisturizing care series.

While taking care of curly hair, forget about products for volume. They usually contain silicones that lift the scales. The silicone film will make the hair even more brittle.

You can also try a delicate way of washing or so-called co-washing. It implies replacing shampoo with a hair conditioner. The product is applied along the entire length, gently massaged, and rinsed, and the sequence of actions is repeated 2-3 times.

How to dry and comb curly hair?

Curly hair is the basis for many hairstyles. There are many options: natural waves, the effect of wet curls, beautiful styling with hairpins, or just a slight carelessness of loose hair. In order not to harm the hair, you should take into account the features of drying and styling.

Curly hair is susceptible to heat (from a blow dryer or straightening tool), chemicals, and sloppy brushing. Pay attention to the following points:

  • The best comb is plastic, with large sparse teeth. Wooden or metal frequent teeth tear and injure curls.
  • Massage brushes are not suitable. They will destroy the curls, making the head look like a dandelion.
  • It is advisable to comb already dried hair, starting from the tips.
  • Use special keratin treatment for hairs, thermal protection, and styling products.
  • Do not straighten your curls daily. This leads to damage and can dry the hair out.

Curly hair care

To improve the appearance of your hair, pay attention to curly hair product order and selection. The needed options should include components to nourish, strengthen, and moisturize the hair and normalize the sebaceous glands, for example:

  • Natural oils (almond, shea, jojoba)
  • Herbal extracts and decoctions (nettle, calendula, oak)
  • Ceramides, keratin treatment for hairs, phospholipids, and other components

If you wish to do coloring, better visit the specialist and use gentle products. Within a week before and after the procedure, it is recommended to conduct a course of curly hair treatment: apply home or professional masks and do a head massage.

What Should Never Be Done with Curly Hair?

The most common mistake women make with curls is that they try to straighten them all the time. However, the easiest way to turn wavy curls into a beautiful hairstyle is to structure them. To do this, apply a curl shaping cream to clean damp strands and complete the styling. With a light styling cream, curls will acquire a neat and clear shape, as well as a healthy shine.

If you still want to straighten your curls, you need to do this carefully and be sure to use thermal protective agents. You can choose a product with a light degree of fixation so that the hairstyle retains its shape longer.

A typical mistake that many girls make is taking too much styling or care product for curls treatment. They only stretch and weigh the waves, turning them into an unattractive mess. It is great if you have the best styling products for curly hair, but you should take only the required amount.

Another important point to keep in mind is that curly hair is usually very dry. Therefore, it is better to avoid aggressive coloring so as not to injure it even more. If you really want to change the color, choose natural dyes and do not do it very often.

Cool Hairstyles with Curly Hair

With the right haircut, you won’t need to style your hair for a long time in the morning. A professional hairdresser will help you pick it up. Trimming the ends and making a creative haircut for curly hair is not so easy, so you should not save on visiting a beauty salon.

The best option is semi-long or long strands. Cascade, asymmetry, bob, bob with oblique bangs – there are almost no restrictions on the choice. A good master will select a haircut based on the shape of your face and the condition of your hair. Then, you need to visit a hairdresser regularly (about once every 2-3 months) to correct the hairstyle so that the hair looks well-groomed and its ends do not split.

Knowing about the features and problems of curly hair, it is much easier to choose hair care for curly hair and get the perfect result.

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