How To Ramp Up Your Self-Care Routine This Summer

Updated on May 19, 2022
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The self-care resolutions you make at the beginning of the year often take a backseat by spring. You may consider reworking your goals and habits when the days turn warmer and longer. It is a good time to start afresh as you feel motivated and energetic. But things may change with the summer heat simmering and dehydration hitting your energy levels. Moreover, the stress rises when kids are home for the break, and keeping them busy is a daunting task. Luckily, you can ramp up your summer self-care routine with a little effort. Try these ideas for the best results.

Level up hydration

Hydration is perhaps the most crucial self-care advice for the summer months. You sweat a lot more, so you need to load up on water to cover the loss. If drinking water seems like a task, infuse it with sliced lemon, mint, and cucumber for a flavor kick. These ingredients also enhance the detox qualities of water. Besides drinking more water, you can pick hydrating fruits and veggies for the season.

Cleanse your diet

Summer is also an ideal time to cleanse your diet as the seasonal produce has a lot to offer. Prioritize raw foods as they are easy to digest and exert less pressure on your digestive system. Steer clear of sugar, oily foods, and processed junk to make the most out of your diet switch. Switching to healthy cooking techniques like roasting, baking, and barbecuing is a great idea. 

Skip stress

Since stress goes a notch up with the rising temperatures, you must find ways to skip it for good. Meditation and deep breathing soothe your body and calm your mind. You can try CBD to address anxiety naturally. Even better, try a product with CBD and RSO to double the results. You can check to understand the benefits of this powerful cannabinoid combination. It relieves pain and stress and sets you on the right track with summer self-care.

Sleep more

Adequate sleep is adequate for good health, but it becomes even more essential during the summer months. The longer daylight hours may disrupt your sleep schedule and even cause sleep deprivation. Ensure getting the regular eight hours on weekdays and weekends. Do not let your outings or barbecue parties extend beyond your waking hours. Also, follow good sleep hygiene by giving up on gadgets at bedtime. 

Go the extra mile with fitness

Excess heat and sweat give you reasons to procrastinate, but it is the last thing you should do this season. Summer is an excellent time to lose weight as your metabolism is more active and you have more time to work out. Keep your motivation on track and find a workout buddy to accompany you for early morning jogs. Stay consistent to get a toned, beach-ready body within weeks.

Summer self-care need not be complicated. You only need to tailor your plans to align with the seasonal change and stay ahead of your wellness goals. Follow these tips for the best results. 

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