How to Promote Better Health and Well-Being at the Office

Updated on August 5, 2020
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The Covid-19 crisis is an eye opener for organizations. Not only does it highlight the impact of global disruptions, it also underscores the need to secure the health and well-being of employees. And we are not just talking about providing safer and healthier options for everyone working at the office. 

In the long term, organizations should work toward providing opportunities for employees to improve their health and steer clear of risks. Indeed, the new normal will definitely put more focus on programs, policies, and initiatives that lead to a healthier office.

Here are some of the ways you can get to it:

1. Allow for more time off-screen

Numerous studies have pointed out the negative effects of spending too many hours in front of a computer screen. Headaches, eye strain and other conditions are some of these effects, and they get worse over time. That being said, make it a part of official policy to spend more time offscreen. Give your employees flexible break hours so they can retreat from their cubicles and rest their eyes.

2. Promote healthy eating habits

People have their own comfort food to munch on, but many choose high-sodium, high-fat and sugary snacks as part of their stress management strategies. As a leader of your organization, you will need to intervene by offering healthy alternatives. You can start by swapping the snacks in the vending machine with healthier ones. 

3. Come up with an in-house fitness center

For employees who want to stay in shape but find it difficult to travel to a fitness center across town, it’s important to build an in-house gym, yoga studio, or fitness center. This makes it convenient for employees who want to commit to their fitness goals. You just have to convert extra space in your office and rent out workout equipment from companies like Hire Fitness, which offers everything from treadmills to stationary bicycles.

4. Never overlook mental health

As you promote better physical health for your employees, the psychological dimension of their well-being deserves equal treatment. The demands of office work can place a heavy strain on your employees, causing the development of anxiety and other serious mental health conditions. Along these lines, you need to work closely with the HR department to understand the individual needs of your employees and help resolve any issues that are affecting not just their performance, but their relationships within and outside the office. Regular one-on-one sessions should help you identify problems and see which solutions are appropriate for each one.

5. Ramp up office disinfection

Offices after Covid-19 will have to live with the fact that viruses, bacteria, and germs will always be around to cause serious illnesses. The best way to fight them off is using preventive measures. That said, you may have to sanitise the work environment regularly and encourage employees to practice proper hygienic habits. 

Regardless of your industry, your organization has the obligation to maintain a safe office environment for your workforce. For sure, there is a lot more you can do to secure a healthier workplace, but the five tips above should be a good start. 

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