How to Prevent Cavities from Spreading in Your Child?


Bringing up a child is an arduous task. Monitoring the habits that they pick up, making sure they are in good health, ensuring they get the correct nutrition and keeping their teeth healthy! 

Children these days often start complaining about toothaches at a very early age. One of the major issues which are quite inevitable is Cavities. According to statistics, almost 45% of children in The USA are prone to cavities. Every parent wants to provide the best dental care to their child and prevent cavities but not everyone is aware of how to go about it. Having an approachable dental care service at your beck and call can be beneficial for parents. Membersy’s Dental Membership plans provide a connected and personal experience to its members and helps them throughout the procedure.


Before we begin talking about how to prevent the spreading of cavities, let us speak of how cavities are caused. The main cause of a cavity is the accumulation of food and bacteria on the teeth. When your child doesn’t brush appropriately, there’s a chance of the bacteria or food sticking to the tooth which leads to a collection of acid on a tooth, softening the enamel until a hole is formed. This hole is called a cavity. 

Preventing a cavity isn’t a complex task. Here are a few methods to prevent a cavity spread-

A] Good Oral Habits

One habit that is imbibed in us since we are born is brushing our teeth twice a day. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent a cavity from initiating in the first place. Teach your kids to brush and floss two times a day to avoid a cavity. Brushing after every meal is also a very good habit to follow to avoid any accumulation at all. 

B] Fluoride

Fluoride makes the enamel tough and resistant to acids. When the enamel is sturdy, the acid is hindered from penetrating into the tooth. Generally, tap water has a good content of Fluoride but if using purified water, you could ask the dentist for supplements of Fluoride. Some toothpastes also contain fluorides but excessive fluoride can cause discolouration of teeth. So one needs to be careful when using it. 

C] Food Consumption

Your intake affects your overall health. Your teeth are no exception. Starchy and sweet foods boost the levels of acid eroding plaque in the mouth. Sticky foods like caramel, honey etc. may stick to the teeth and cause rapid tooth decay. Fruits and water-dense veggies hydrate the mouth, which leads to enhanced production of saliva inhibiting the sticking of bacteria. 

Cheese and nuts are strong fighters against acids, they also remineralize the teeth; therefore adding them to the diet of your child might be helpful. 

D] Sharing Foods and Beverages

Sharing is caring, but not at the expense of your health. Oral bacteria can be transmitted through sharing foods and beverages. Teaching your child to not eat someone else’s half-eaten food can protect their teeth from swapping dangerous bacteria. 

E] Hydrated 

There are wonders that water can do. Drinking lots of water all day is one of the simplest methods to avoid cavities in your young ones. Water can prevent the building up of acids on the tooth and flush off the bacteria. 

F] Dentist Visits

Regularly visiting the dentist for a routine checkup should be made a priority. This should be started as soon as the first tooth develops and gets visible and should be continued throughout the lifetime. Visits at least twice a year should be made mandatory. 

G] Dental Sealants 

Most of the chewing occurs at the back of the teeth.  Dentists apply a thin wash of resin which is called the sealant at the back of the teeth. This layer of sealant acts as a protective coating and obstructs bacteria from settling in the crevices.

If you are a sufferer of tooth issues, there’s a high chance that your young ones will be prone to it as well. Children can’t really recognize the importance of brushing till they grow up, hence it is the responsibility of a parent to ensure they brush regularly and acquire the habit to do so by themselves. Cavities are easy to identify and hence should be attended to, right in time. One might often have the thought that – It is a temporary tooth and will anyways fall off, then why treat it? Premature falling of temporary teeth can affect the formation of new permanent teeth immensely. Not only that but cavities can be painful and are extremely unhealthy for your child. Paediatric dentists can help you and your child deal with the issue and pain efficiently. Following Oral hygiene is a must and shouldn’t be ignored.  Dentistry is not expensive but neglect can be. 

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