How to Maintain Your Vape Pen

One of the most essential skills you will need to learn as you start to embrace vaping is how to maintain your device in working condition. Also known as an electronic cigarette, e-cig or vape pen, this apparatus can create problems if left unattended for too long. If you neglect to clean it or replace certain parts after a while, it can affect the quality of your vaping experience, as well as decrease the life of the device. 

Avoid problems with the vape pen by using the following tips to clean and maintain it. 

Remove and Identify Parts

As you start to clean the vape device, you should know which specific parts you must clean. Each component not only has a different function, but you must also clean each one in different ways. Start the maintenance process by disassembling the device. Generally, it will consist of three main parts, though they may also vary depending on the device. 

  • Battery, which supplies heat energy for vaporizing process
  • Atomizer, which generates the actual heat for the process
  • Tank, where the vape fluid is contained

Clean Parts as Needed

For the most part, most components of your e-cigarette can be easily cleaned with soap and water. The outer parts of the device, as well as the mouthpiece and the tank, can be cleaned with these components. Alcohol is the primary choice when you perform a deep clean on the tank, which will be necessary if you want to switch to a different vape flavor. There are also certain parts of the device you should keep dry. The battery terminals and compartments need to avoid humidity at all costs, so use paper towels and cotton swabs to clean up every corner.

Replace and Maintain Components

The maintenance of your electronic cigarette does not stop with just cleaning it There are also other parts you will need to replace or maintain. For instance, no matter how well you try to clean the coil inside the atomizer, it will eventually get too filthy to function. Once you notice performance issues or see residue build up internally, you should replace the coil with a new one. While you are cleaning the battery components, use this time to charge the batteries. 

While using a vaping pen to enjoy the unique flavors of vape juice is a pleasure, it also requires the responsibility of taking care of the equipment. Proper cleaning, replacement and maintenance of the device will ensure greater endurance and high-quality vaping. 

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