How To Learn English In A Fast And Efficient Way With Kale Anders

Updated on May 18, 2020
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If you are interested in learning the English language, there is no easier time to learn than today. Why? Ask Kale Anders, a well-known Youtuber in Latin America who runs one of the most successful Online English Academies today. 

 Kale went from not understanding basic sentences to speaking fluent Spanish in less than 3 months. He now shares with you his insights on how to learn a new language fast and efficiently.

1. Evaluate Your Motivation

Having great motivation that drives you to learn a new language could be the very reason for you to learn English fast. If you are not motivated, you are likely to get tired along the way and lose focus of your targets and goals for learning a new language. Motivation is the key factor that separates success from failure. 

Most people abandon their quest to learn a new language because of lack of self-drive. Kale advises his students to identify their inner motivation, such that their strong desire to learn a new language, to drive them throughout the journey. Students who are highly motivated will put in the work required throughout the learning journey.  

2. Putting In The Work

Learning a new language will not come magically. You will have to put in the effort to master the language especially within a short period of time. Having said that, however, Kale’s ideas that are far from the traditional methods of learning a language have seen his students get the most success. Kale advises that listening and reading are crucial exercises that can help new learners. 

Through listening, students absorb the knowledge of the language subconsciously and more intuitively. Ideally, students should alternate listening and reading, while also actively taking note of new vocabulary they learn. Whether it is immersing yourself with native speakers, listening to your favourite podcasts, or watching interesting topics on Youtube, the time you spend in listening and reading will contribute significantly to how fast you learn the language.  

3. Changing Your Attitude

Perception about the language is just as crucial to the success of learning a new language fast and effectively. Firstly, a different approach in learning a language has seen Kales’ students get huge successes. This is because the traditional ways of learning a new language by focusing on understanding the grammar can prove too technical for students to remember. As such, detailed language rules could discourage students from progressing if they feel that they do not understand.

Students also need to change their attitude about the new language they are trying to learn. If students perceive the new language as difficult, they are most likely not going to learn as effectively as possible.

4. Don’t Beat Yourself While You Are Down

When learning a new language, it is very easy to get caught up into thinking that you are not making much progress as you wish to see. Often these thoughts lead to discouragements and drop out from the whole exercise. It is good for students to acknowledge that learning a new language can be challenging and, therefore, work on putting in more effort in their learning course. 

With the English vocabulary being so huge, it is only possible that you will take some time to learn everything. It is the little lessons every day that make a difference. Students should also focus on the outcome of their learning goals and embrace positive attitudes, so that they can find joy as they go along the learning journeys.

5. Have Real Conversations With Real People

If you want to learn a new language, you must prepare yourself emotionally and psychologically to have awkward conversations with fluent or native speakers. Believe it or not, having these conversations as often as you can, and using a dictionary for reference when needed, will see you get better results in no time. By using conversations with real people, learners are likely to be far more invested and motivated in the language. 

In addition, traditional methods of learning and teaching English language encourages students to memorize the content, rather than internalize the language. Through conversations, students will, therefore, find joy and great motivation to achieve both their new language skills, faster and more efficiently. 

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