How to Launch an Aromatherapy Business — From Website to Packaging

Updated on October 14, 2020

Essential oils have become staple pieces for medicine cabinets, sacred spaces, and vanity tables everywhere.

Essential oils have a lovely aroma that makes them popular for both skincare routines and aromatherapy purposes. Whether it’s to obtain glowing skin or fill up the room with a delightful diffuser, consumers are spending good money to build up their essential oil collection. There’s a high price to indulge in this pleasure, but that’s not stopping the industry from growing even larger. With all of the excitement around essential oils, this is a great opportunity for those of us who love aromatherapy and relaxation.

Here are a few things you’ll need to know to launch your aromatherapy business.


To produce amazing essential oils, you’ll want to work with the best manufacturer you can find. No worries— we’ve already found them for you! Visagenics is an international manufacturing company that specializes in creating premium essential oils. They have a huge variety: rose essential oil, sweet almond, seed oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, and an extensive collection of other essential oils. When you work with a manufacturer as trustworthy as Visagenics, you’ll have the best experience in building starter kits to kick off your essential oil business. Visit Visagenics to learn more about their direct sales of essential oils.


We know it’s the middle of summer, but let’s talk about Christmas for a brief second. This holiday has always had such a nice allure to it, largely due to the extravagant presents we like to give during that season. Think about the mesmerizing perfumes that stores offer. Besides sniffing luxurious samples, we also admire the beautiful packaging and wrapping of the perfume boxes.


Of course, the product itself is important. But it’s also crucial that its delivery and presentation is just as effective as the product itself. After all, the packaging will often be the first impression that clients have of your product.

This is why you must choose seasoned professionals to be in charge of your product’s packaging. US Packaging & Wrapping is a packaging supply company for both industrial and commercial businesses. The products they offer can be used for retail packaging, industrial packaging, as well as food and beverage service packaging. Their packaging blog offers several posts containing relevant information about packing machines, materials, and applications. Visit US Packaging & Wrapping to learn more about getting packaging for your business.

Websites and Online Stores


Websites are essential for businesses looking to expand their place in the market. Think of it as a motherboard: everything your customers need to know about your company is available to them on this platform. Websites are necessary for the following reasons:

  • Customer Service: A website will serve as the point of contact for customers and collaborators. It’s convenient to have all that contact information placed on the website for them to use.
  • Personal Information: This is where your audience can learn more about your team and your company’s story! You can list everything here: your company’s history and foundation, values, dreams for the next big step, etc. This form of transparency definitely makes your consumers feel more well-acquainted with your brand.
  • Products and Services: Even if you have a physical store for your business, it’s likely that your audiences will first be introduced to you via the Internet (whether on social media or by visiting your website). Having your products and services displayed on your website is an excellent way for consumers to scope out their options.

Building a professional website will be one of the most rewarding (and fun!) design projects you’ll ever take on. It’s a great idea to consult with a creative director to ensure that your website is completely embodying your brand.

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