How to install Aidbell medical alert systems?

Updated on July 21, 2022

Medical alert system

It can be defined as a technology device enables to monitor the sick and vulnerable family members and loved ones from in and out of the house to assure their safety and security. This system allows to signal an emergency call to medical experts and pressing attention alert to expose the situation. It can notify family member and caregivers as well. After pressing the system, it activates the alarm monitoring process. Depending on the situation it helps to contact with medical personal and family members. In some cases, it includes countrywide wireless voice data and GPS technology, which allows observation, position identification. It is one of the reliable and best ways to give service to the senior people in the time they need. They can easily get faster treatment, mental confidence that they not alone. It also helps other family members to keep away from worries. The system is simple and convenient. 

Benefits of medical alert system

  • It acts as a crucial life-saving service especially for elder or older and susceptible people.
  • In case of sudden illness or accident, one can immediately find support. 
  • Based on the response, it is very fast.
  • The system is active for 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week and can dispatch notification family members and medical personals.
  • It is easy for you and maintains. The device can be worn in the neck or wrist and push button. Those who are not able to move or walk they can easily use it.
  • The system removes the fear of loneliness from older people. They know that help is all way there when you need. It keeps them calm and satisfied. They gain confidence in their life.

There are different ways to set up and tools for setting up Aidbell medical alert system. In all the details feature of the devices are given. The installation process is given below

At home landline

If you want to install a medical alert system with your landline, then you have to maintain some rules such as model of the phone, cable, port connection and cable phone service that allows answering machines or telephone jack.

  • First, remove the cord from your phone, plug it into the wall jack which is placed the backside of the base unit.
  • Connect the telephone cord one end of your phone to the base unit’s phone port.
  • No light switched power should be selected to plug the base unit.
  • At the end add a medical alert unit on its side and pinpoint the on/off button and it is under the phone cords. Then switch has colour in it and by sliding down it will turn on.

At home (no landline)

The alternative of the landline is a cellular-based system. Before setting up a medical alert system you need to assure the position of the antenna vertically and firmly tighten. Now it is ready to go.

  • The power cube is plugged into an electric power outlet. Before selecting outlet make sure it is not controlled by any light switch. The unit will turn on itself and will show that system is starting, it will take a few moments. 
  • After that system will declare the signal quality by showing system ready or insufficient cell service. The minimum requirement for signal strength is 2.5 bars for better performance. Due to the low signal, it may not connect to the cellar server. 
  • The system is fully charged by show the light green.
  • To test Aidbell device press your wrist. 

It would be safe to test your connection for several times so that in case of emergency you can get the best out of it. 

Mobile elite

  • Plugin the power cord into the charger portion. 
  • An outlet that is not controlled by light switch preferable to put in the larger plug. By flashing power light signal, it will show charging and after that notify you were or not ready to use by illuminating green light.  
  • Try to use after it is fully charged. 

Due to its valuable life-saving feature, it is rather to test and trial more and more. So, you can handle all the modes and functions. Try to test every week that will create a habit and consciousness about it. The cost of medical alerts service depends on service providers. Aidbell is more reliable and rapid in service. It has a well-organized nurse call system.  

In summary is can be said that medical alerts system has influenced our daily life. We can care about our beloved ones not only stay home with them but also when we are outside in work. Keeping in mind that they all ways connect with use no matter how far you are because it provides nationwide services. The nurse call system is providing indoor service with limited patient inside the hospital, on the other hand, the medical alert system gives you the second chance to live your life. You never know what going to happen within a few minutes, hours or so. So, having this luxury to call loved ones and health care personnel in your crisis’s moment is a gift. The system is extremely easy to install, affordable and its monthly service charge is minimum. An injury can change your life permanently, but the medical alert system is there for you to give another chance. Aidbell is trying to change the healthcare system by its quality service. If you want to know about then go to We want to live more to make the world a better place. 

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