How to increase the number of likes in your video blog on YouTube

Updated on November 9, 2021

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On YouTube, likes remain one of the prominent indicators of engagement rate and reputation gainers for health and wellness bloggers. The power of having many likes under your videos works well for the progress on the platform. So no wonder that many entrepreneurs in the healthcare space are trying to increase the number of faves desperately. However, there is no point in focusing on getting more likes solely – for a decent growth you have to develop a vast strategy that helps to improve all aspects of your dwelling on the platform. In this article, you shall discover the most effective methods that will increase the number of likes under your videos on YouTube.

Reasons To Get More Likes On YouTube

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As it was mentioned before, thumbs-up is a powerful instrument in this network. When you have many likes, there are obvious benefits for you:

  • Improve your reputation on the platform. Users think that videos that have many likes are more worthy of their attention 
  • Enhance your position in ranking. YouTube ranking system will expose your content as suggested more often, if you show good statistic results 
  • Better traffic to the website, if needed. Due to higher exposing potential and demonstrated trustworthiness, you have the opportunity to attract more people to your website.
  • Get more subscribers. Another factor that comes from previous ones. Better visibility that is provided by likes, also will cause the increase of subscribers on your channel. 

Buying Likes

Paid stats are a complicated question to discuss in terms of YouTube promotion. It is very important to choose the service for growth carefully, because dealing with bots can lead to your account being blocked by the security system of YouTube. To buy YouTube likes, you should choose proven services like, which provides growth that is the same as organic. 

Nevertheless, you should understand that simply buying some stats doesn’t bring your account to success automatically. Even with bought views and likes, you must take care about the quality of your content. The thing is that paid stats cannot substitute the real users who come to your channel – they can only help you to break the competition and attract the attention of your target group. Knowing this, we hope that you will use paid services wisely, and not overdo it. 

Grow Likes With SEO
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Having your channel optimized properly is one of the key factors that impact your growth on YouTube in general. Of course, gaining likes included. Your most efficient instrument for settling good SEO is keywords. These are the terms that help YouTube to categorize content and show it to the right audience. It is vital for you to input the most relevant keywords in:

  • Video title. Infuse keywords in your title naturally, so your headline doesn’t lose sense and poetical value. Make sure that it also reflects what your video is about. 
  • Description of the video. This is a wide field where you can input the right keywords and increase your discoverability for the target group. 
  • Subtitles. Although this isn’t the most obvious source of keywords, it will definitely help you to categorize your video and open your content for a bigger percent of the audience. 

Drive More Attention To Your Videos With Visuals

Most people percept information using their vision, and text is secondary before the images. So, good visuals, that also correspond to the sense of your video. Thumbnail is the first thing that will appear before the eyes of any user who discovers your video in their search results. So, you must put effort into creating the most engaging thumbnails:

  • Develop a consistent color scheme that will make your videos more distinct 
  • Aim for simple minimalistic designs
  • Don’t add too many details – the size of the image is very small, and tiny details can make your visuals messy
  • Add at least one keyword in the text of your thumbnail if you have it there. 
  • Give your potential viewers a hint about the content. Providing expected information is a great way to gain more likes. 

Create Valuable Content

There are two main branches to occupy on youtube – education and entertainment. The best option that will help you to gain many thumbs-up for your video is to combine the two. Interesting and useful information that is wrapped in a funny and positive form is easier to understand – your direct path to popularity because this is the most engaging content for users. And they will eagerly pay you for the high-quality materials with likes, shares, and comments. The activity of users on your profile, including the like/dislike rating is a significant factor for the YouTube ranking system, so that’s what you should work for. The most searchable and popular topics on this network are:

  • Travels
  • Food and cooking
  • Fashion and beauty 
  • Online workshops
  • Music
  • Reviews and unboxing

All those niches have a big competition to fight against, but they also allow you to attract a wider target group, providing better reach and visibility. You have to work on creating original content, however, it is not forbidden to use curated materials if you see that they are trendy and the audience reacts well to them. 

Piggyback On Viral Trends

Speaking of curated content. Youtube is a dynamic platform, and new trends emerge there practically every day. Adding some viral trendy ideas to your content range is a good thought not only in terms of getting more likes but attracting more new viewers as well. Besides, such practice leaves more space for accumulating original ideas for your further development, creating an entertaining “buffer” for your public. Also, keeping your hand on the pulse of the industry and the course of the platform allows you to stay on the edge of the wave. 

Cross-Promote Your Videos On Other Platforms

Of course, if you are on your way to becoming a known blogger, you are occupying more than one social media. For organic growth, you need to have an account on the most popular platforms. This will also assist you in getting more likes on a particular one. The ground rule here is only one – make sure that you are able to create exclusive content for each network you have in your arsenal. That’s how you can expand your audience and gain more likes on youtube as new viewers come to your channel from other networks. 

Motivate Your Viewers Directly

Surprisingly, but one of the most effective methods to get many likes for your video is to ask your subscribers directly! Gently remind your audience to hit a thumbs-up and share the content within your video. Add this call to action in the first half of your video so your viewers won’t miss it. Still, don’t be too annoying and make it look like a reminder rather than a request – provide the right motivation for your viewers. Explain that you need their activity to produce more content. 


Getting more likes on youtube cannot be a single task you focus on. This is a part of your tactic that is targeted at your growth on the platform. So, if you want to gain more, you need to develop a strategy that covers various aspects of your growth on YouTube. 

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