How To Improve Organisation And Increase Productivity Within A Workplace

Updated on February 25, 2022

When running a business, it is important to always think of ways to improve organization and boost productivity within your staff. If you have been running your business for a long time, it can be easy to become disorganized and let productivity slip. Often, it can take a while to recognize the signs that your staff are lacking productivity until it starts to have knock-on effects on other parts of your business. Both productivity and efficient organization are key to a successful business, so if you feel like your business is in need of a boost, use this as a guide to help you inject some more life into your business.

Have A Effective Return To Work Scheme

An effective return-to-work scheme is an important thing that every business should have. It has always been an important aspect of a business, but it has become increasingly more relevant because of the pandemic. The pandemic has had a severe impact on many aspects of the business world, and it has exposed many parts of businesses that are in need of improvement. One of these is a return-to-work scheme. 

Although the pandemic has made the need for a return-to-work scheme more relevant, it doesn’t mean that it is the only reason why you need the scheme. No matter the size of your business, an effective return-to-work scheme is essential so your business can effectively help employees settle back into work after they have had an extended amount of time off. Having an effective scheme in place will improve the organization of your business because it means there is a clear structure in place when an employee returns to work. Additionally, it will also increase the productivity of said employees as they will feel welcomed and looked after, so, therefore, more willing to get back stuck into work. If your business doesn’t have a return-to-work scheme, or you are wanting to update your current scheme, then check out this guide for a detailed explanation on how to make an effective scheme for your business. 

Create A Schedule

Creating a schedule is an effective way to improve organization and increase productivity within your business. Keeping within a schedule can be effective as it provides a solid work structure from which to work. As a business owner, it could be useful to provide your employees with weekly schedules, so they know the plans for the week. Make sure this schedule includes all the meetings due to take place and whether anything is needed to be prepared prior to the meeting. 

Once your employees have got the schedule you have given to them, they can then use it to create their own personal schedule around the weekly plans. If you are noticing your employees are struggling with timekeeping or self-organization, then creating a schedule for them gives them a nice base to work with. All they have to do after that is include their own personal duties for the week and then they have a properly organized work week.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Technology is such a useful tool that can be used to help with the organization of a business. Living in a digital age means that we have an abundance of programmes at our fingertips ready to be used. In your current business model of work, you may find that a lot of your organizational mistakes or issues comes down to human error. Human error is a natural part of life that inevitably makes its way into the business world. When someone is completing a repetitive task, there is a high chance of a human error as they may not be giving the task their full attention. Additionally, although the human mind is very clever, it is not a perfected machine, so after time there is bound to be some mistakes caused by human error. 

These sorts of mistakes can slow down the running of a business as more is needed to be done to fix the mistake. One way this can potentially be avoided is by investing in some organizational technology that can do the tasks for you. Investing in some organizational apps could be extremely beneficial for your business as it will not only speed up the process of most tasks, but it will also ensure the tasks are done to a more accurate level.

Have Strong Lines Of Communication

This is an important factor for any business, and it is something that is needed in order to create a healthy work environment. Lack of communication within a business can cause misunderstandings which leads to mistakes being made. Whether you are working from the office or remotely, it is essential that you always have strong, open lines of communication so employees can always communicate with each other. It means that when tasks need to be assigned that can be done quickly and efficiently which will increase productivity. Additionally, having strong line of communication will keep all employees more organized as they will have a clear structure to work from.

It would be beneficial for your business to invest in some form of communication platform that will work for all employees whether they are in the office or working from home. Having some form of instant messaging app within your business will mean that time is no longer time wasted waiting for an email reply or someone to return your call. An instant messaging platform means that conversation can be quick and easy, and all information can be communicated efficiently. Most of these instant messaging apps also allow you to create different channels so you can have multiple chats for different topics which means multiple conversations can happen at once without any risk of confusion. Take the time to research what communication platform would work for you and your business. 

Set Regular Goals

Setting goals for your employees is a good way to keep them motivated and focused on the task at hand. Having a deadline to work towards can be powerful motivator, so it could be effective for your business if you start setting your employees regular goals to reach. However, when setting deadlines, it is important to remember to make the goals realistic and actually achievable. The idea of setting a goal is to make your employees feel motivated and eager, but an unrealistic deadline will likely have the opposite effect. An unreachable goal will only make your employees feel discouraged and unwilling to try. So, therefore, in order to ensure you are creating appropriate goals, it would be a good idea to sit down with your staff and work together to create realistic individual goals for them. 

Another good way to help your employees reach their goals is to offer incentives. You may find that a goal becomes a lot more appealing to reach if your employee will be getting something out of it at the end. There is no right or wrong way to offer incentives and as a business owner you can create whatever rewards you want to give your employees. It could be that they get a little bonus on pay day, or it could even be something simple like an extra-long break. Be creative with your incentives but make sure they are good enough that it will make your employees motivated. 

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