How To Implement More Environmentally-Friendly Decisions Into Your Business

Updated on November 21, 2019

Being aware of how your everyday actions and lifestyle choices can affect the planet and its environment is a subject which is inescapable in these modern times, and it will continue to be relevant with growing urgency. This is also true of businesses and corporations, whose carbon footprint will be significantly larger than an individual person within their home. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses do everything they can to keep their negative environmental impacts at a minimum. 

Luckily, there are many ways in which a business can be greener, starting from very small gestures to large actions. 

Consider Outsourcing To A Company Tailored for Environmental Solutions

One of the positives of being within a successful business is that you have the means and finance options to employ the services of companies qualified in sustainable solutions. This means you don’t have to feel like the weight of a greener world is entirely on your shoulders; you can consult with a business whose job it is to deliver recycling and waste solutions. 

Total waste management companies like Axil Integrated Services focus on the best ways to recycle and dispose of waste on a large scale, and using the help of companies such as this is an invaluable asset.

Make a Habit of Recycling Your Old Electronics

If your business uses electronics on a daily basis – perhaps a busy office with a plethora of large printers, fax machines, telephone systems, and staff kitchen appliances – consider ensuring that these items get recycled when it’s time to replace them. 

Lots of electronic items such as these end up in landfills, and if it can be avoided, it should be. 

You can do your research before you come to replace your electronics, as many suppliers of certain models will take away the old product for you within a recycling scheme they may have, or perhaps if the model is still in full, working order, it can be utilized elsewhere, like a charity, for example. 

Develop a Travel Scheme for the Employees of the Business

If your business has a primary hub which lots of employees travel to and from every day, consider setting up a carpool scheme. This could be as simple as suggesting it in a team meeting if you’re the boss, or speaking with some of your colleagues if you’re an employee yourself. 

Reducing the amount of air pollution made by vehicles can be extremely beneficial for the environment, and if two employees can use one car instead of two, this can have a significant effect. It could also have a positive outcome for employees in terms of team-building and developing a connection with one another outside of the workspace.

Other alternatives include finding a different means of transport, such as a bicycle if you live within cycling distance of your place of work. Not only will this assist in reducing your carbon footprint, but it will have a whole host of positive effects on your mind and body, too. 

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