How to Have Healthy Hair: 7 Effective Habits to Adopt

Updated on April 23, 2020

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There are different things you can do to make your hair healthier. Check out our guide here to learn more about how to have healthy hair.

Did you know that your hair can affect your confidence level? Start a hair care routine today to keep your hair in the best shape possible. 

Are you wondering how to have healthy hair? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to get healthier hair.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

1. Schedule Regular Hair Appointments

If you want to keep your hair in good shape, make sure you get a trim every four to twelve weeks. How many weeks you should wait will depend on your hair type.

You can ensure minimal breakage. Regular trims will keep you from getting dry and splitting hair.

2. Try to Go Natural

If you use products or straighteners during the week, let your hair recuperate on the weekend. Let your hair air dry and avoid heated styling products.

Don’t keep your hair in a tight headband or ponytail. By letting it hang loose, you can prevent pulling on the hair shaft.

3. Keep up With a Healthy Diet

Did you know that protein is the building block of hair? Eat a balanced diet so you can make sure your body gets enough protein.

Iron is another important nutrient. Iron is an energy source for your hair and a mineral that your hair needs. Did you know that iron deficiency can get linked to hair loss? Consider looking into hair vitamin supplements.

4. Protect Your Hair From the Sun

The sun can oxidize your hair and, in turn, dry it out. A hat will protect your face, hair, and scalp from getting dehydrated and burning.

Pick up a cute sun hat to wear in the summertime. You can also use a hair-sunscreen for your hair if you don’t want to wear a hat.

5. Limit the Hot Showers

You may love to take hot showers in the winter after a long day at work. Yet scalding water isn’t going to be good for your hair. Hot water will wash out the hair color if you have dyed your hair.

Hot water will also dry out your hair. Try to find a balance and use lukewarm water instead. Soak in the tub if you want to relax.

6. Don’t Brush Your Hair Too Much

Try not to brush your hair more than once a day. Excess brushing can lead to stretched hair and will break off weak ends. Opt for a plastic brush and only use it once a day. Bristle brushes are tough on hair.

7. Use Products for the Season

Certain hair products will be better for different seasons. Pick up moisturizing and hydrating products for the winter season.

During the summer, switch it up to something lighter that doesn’t weigh your hair down in the humidity.

Now You Know How to Have Healthy Hair

We hope this guide on healthy hair was helpful. Now that you know how to have healthy hair maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

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