How To Get The Best Cardio Workout On A Treadmill?

Updated on February 18, 2022

Have you finally decided to hit the gym to use the treadmill or have bought a treadmill and are looking to work from home? Whatever might be the reason, this article will help you effectively use the treadmill to get the best cardio workout.

A treadmill is the best solution when you do not have enough time in the morning to hit the roads for a quick jog. With the treadmill in the home, you can use it whenever you are free and burn those extra calories that you gain from eating pizzas and burgers.

How Is Treadmill Beneficial For Your Health?

Treadmills are one of the best exercise equipment in any gym at home. It provides a wide range of benefits and helps users achieve different fitness goals. Below are just a few benefits that you can enjoy by using Treadmill.

1. Healthy Heart

Treadmill exercises offer excellent cardiovascular exercises, which are important to keep your heart healthy. The main reason for the treadmill to be a popular cardiovascular exercise is because it maintains a steady heart rate throughout the exercise. This helps you burn fat from your body and reduces cholesterol levels.

2. Weight Loss

Perhaps the most renowned health benefit of using a treadmill is that it helps with weight loss. Treadmill boasts about burning calories faster than most of the aerobic exercises out there. The more time a person spends walking and running on the treadmill, the faster they lose fat from their body.

3. Muscle Tone

Like any other cardio exercise, running on the treadmill activates most of the muscles in your body. Starting from your leg muscles to buttocks, arms, backs, and abdomen, almost every muscle in the body takes part in this exercise.

Maintaining a good posture while exercising using the treadmill will enhance your core muscle and give an even muscle time.

If the benefits are enticing to you, why not buy your own treadmill?

Effective Treadmill Workouts

Treadmills are one of the gentle ways to lose calories, but that doesn’t mean you can not boost the process. Below are some treadmill exercises that will help you lose calories at a faster pace.

1. 30-Seconds Sprint Interval

With this form of exercise, you will start sweating in just two minutes. If you have never done any speed exercise before with the treadmill, make sure you follow the steps.

  • Start with setting the treadmill at 1% inclined.
  • Start with a normal job to warn your body. 
  • Slowly pick your pace.
  • Reach to the highest point where you can run.
  • Maintain your top speed for 30 seconds. 
  • Take a 90 seconds break.
  • Repeat the process.
  • Continue this exercise for 30 minutes.

2. Walk The Hills

If you use your treadmill and exercise by alternating your movement from walking to running and then back to walking, this exercise will add a different twist. 

  • Start with 1% inclination. So a normal 5-minute jog. This will warm your body.
  • Increase the inclination to 2%, walk for 2 minutes.
  • Increase your inclination to 3%, walk for 2 minutes again.
  • Increase your inclination to 4%, walk for 2 minutes. 
  • Continue this to the point where you cannot increase the inclination.

3. Side Stepping Workout

This exercise uses the side shuffle as the main exercise. This exercise focuses on your glutes and quads. Follow the steps to do this exercise effectively.

  • Set the treadmill at 1% inclination. 
  • Do a normal walk for 2 minutes to warm your body.
  • Now, get back to your standing position. Grab the side rail. And start with your side shuffle.
  • Slowly pick up the pace. Reach to the highest speed you can achieve while doing a side shuffle.
  • Maintain that speed for 30 seconds and then take a 90-second break.
  • Repeat for 30 minutes.

Final Takeaways

To do cardio exercises, treadmills offer an excellent way of burning calories. If you can be creative with your exercises, the treadmill is the only exercise equipment you need. However, before starting with a new fitness routine, you must talk with your doctor or consult a fitness professional.

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