How to Get Hired During a Pandemic if You Are a Medical Student

Updated on March 30, 2021

The whole world has got into a trap due to the pandemic, and you will hardly find a life sphere that hasn’t undergone any changes. Even though it may seem that some fields have been less affected, the situation is different from within. So, it is pretty clear why so many graduates experience panic and uncertainty about their employment prospects. Unlike many other specialties that suggest online positions, medical students face a real challenge when it comes to their employment. They feel trapped and helpless to the current situation and a worrying epidemiological forecast. What can they do to increase their chances of success? Indeed, they are no longer students who can turn to a professional essay writing service to get their papers done on time and meet deadlines. Graduates have to meet all the challenges themselves, no matter how much hard it can be.

Do companies hire medical graduates now?

At first, such a question may seem weird since everyone understands that hospitals and other medical institutions need specialists more than ever before. The epidemiological situation leaves much to be desired, and the appearance of a vaccine will hardly become a magic wand that gets the world back on track. The medical field is undergoing a huge financial and institutional crisis that results in funding cuts and, no matter how strange it may sound, a decrease in visitors. The thing is that many people don’t rush to go to hospitals without the urgent need because they are afraid to catch the disease. Thus, the last-year students face a challenge when it comes to getting hired.

Nonetheless, we all understand that this situation is temporary, and all graduates will find jobs sooner or later. You should just do some research, create a proper plan and widen the search despite the uncertainty and anxiety you experience under the current circumstances. The time has gone when someone like a custom essay writing service could have your back and free you from the assignments. Now you should get yourself together and do everything possible to find a suitable job.

1. Pay more attention to your CV and cover letter

When the first anxiety attacks vanish away, you should do your best to stand out from other applicants and make a good impression on your potential employer. Even though the number of free positions has decreased, you still have a chance to get hired, so you should win this competition. It is not the best time for being shy, so you should represent yourself as a smart and qualified specialist. If you have got some experience under your belt, make sure to specify it. For example, many medical students have volunteered during the pandemic, and if you are one, you can mention that in your CV. Who knows, maybe this point will tip the scale when they start choosing between you and another applicant without any experience at all? Tailor your cover letter to every medical institution you want to get in. Specify what things motivate you to work in this field and how the institution can benefit from hiring you.

2. Don’t stay away from the cold email

When it comes to medical institutions, you will hardly find any interesting positions online or otherwise publicly available, so it is up to you to make your way to the desired job. You can make up a small but strong email to the department chief to show your interest and provide info about yourself. It is better to attach your CV and a cover letter. The very email should state your qualification and expertise within the field, your intention to apply for a vacant job, and request for an interview whenever it will be comfortable for them.

3. Don’t limit your search

Even though you would like to get a job only in several leading medical institutions, you shouldn’t limit yourself in your job search, especially nowadays. Thus, it would be wiser to consider all the places that meet your requirements and needs. You don’t have to choose the place for the rest of your life. And if you are not tied to the location, you should widen the search. Anyway, the chances are high that you will have an online interview, so you will not have to waste money on transportation.

4. Be persistent

The pandemic has changed the usual way of life and common hiring timeline, so don’t get upset if you don’t get hired within the fall-winter period. Today you cannot predict when the desired position will become available, so you should continue your job search and send cold emails regularly. Some positions may become open only five months after your email, and it is unlikely that the employers will remember about your email request. As they say, “It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.”

5. Prepare a short presentation

If a potential employee schedules an interview, you should be ready to provide them with your brief biography, emphasizing your qualification, expertise, and desire to get hired. It is better to think through the most common and tricky interview questions beforehand, so you will not get numb at the key moment. Anyway, bear in mind that you should be honest about your intentions, so even though you may want to make a show when talking about your interest in the hospital and desire to work there, don’t overdo it.

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