How to Find The Most Reliable WordPress Hosting Providers

Updated on August 29, 2022
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More than 60% of all websites on the internet use WordPress since it provides an easy way to build and customize a website. One of the essential things for your business is choosing the right WordPress hosting provider. The process is similar to selecting a life partner. Making the wrong decision may see you facing a painful separation later after investing your money and time. Choosing a reliable WordPress hosting company will help you enhance your SEO and increase your sales. WordPress hosting comes in different ways, including free, shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Managed WordPress hosting. Here is how to find the most reliable WordPress hosting provider.

  1. Scalability. A reputable WordPress hosting provider understands that people who create websites want to see their businesses grow. So, the hosting provider should provide these people with a space to grow. Scalability means that the hosting provider should have flexible plans to accommodate different sites. Your support team will advise you on the hosting plan that will meet your requirements. They will also inform you when it’s time to upgrade the hosting plan to accommodate your growing website. Check whether the hosting provider has different packages and if they make any WordPress-specific mention in their description.
  1. Security. Every online marketer understands the importance of web security. You have probably heard of sites being hacked and hackers leaking private information. A WordPress hosting provider understands the risk of not implementing strict security measures. So, ensure you choose a host with several server-level protection to keep your site secure. Check whether the hosting company has the following;
    1. Firewall or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
    2. SSL certificate
    3. Backup solutions

You can also research whether they have ever exposed customer information during a security breach. This will tell you whether the hosting company is reliable.

  1. Customer Support. A professional WordPress hosting provider should offer reliable customer services. Ensure you find a company with knowledgeable staff to avoid stressful times during troubleshooting. An experienced support team will not have trouble identifying and helping you fix a problem. Look for a hosting provider that markets themselves, targeting WordPress users since they are more likely to offer related services. Another way to know that the hosting company has excellent customer support is to look at their help documentation. You can work with a company if it provides users with documentation and WordPress-specific advice.
  1. Solid Reputation. A WordPress hosting provider with many years in the industry will have a reputation for either excellent or poor services. The best way to look for their reputation is to read customer reviews. Their website may talk about how reliable and trustworthy they are, but previous and existing customers will accurately describe their services. Helpful reviews will talk about what the hosting company is doing right and what it ought to improve on. Avoid checking the reviews on their website since they will naturally be biased. Instead, look for comparison articles.
  1. Costs. Regardless of how much you want to ignore, the hosting price will determine whether you will work with the company. If you are a beginner, the cost will be the first thing on your mind since you do not have a high budget. Fortunately, most web hosting providers give discounts to beginners. Most people prefer choosing a package with a longer duration since they come with the best prices. The best thing is to compare different companies before choosing one.
  1. Control Panel. Is the control panel easy to use? Does it contain all the different options you need to manage the site? These are some questions you must ask yourself when looking at the control panel. Look for options to check the file manager, generate backups, create an SQL database, and create email accounts. The set-up should also be quick. The set-up process involves adding your domain name, creating your email account, adding an SSL certificate, and more. You do not need to hire a web developer for this stage. The control panel should be user-friendly to help you navigate through this stage.
  1. Website Migration. You may begin with one web hosting provider and feel the need to switch to a better one down the road. The first thing to cross your mind will be how difficult it will be to complete the migration process. The best way to avoid this hassle is to choose a web hosting provider that offers free website migration to the new hosting.

Do not forget to check the speed your hosting company offers since this could significantly affect your site’s success. Always consider your needs before committing to a website hosting service.

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