How to Ensure Your Child’s Mental Well-being after Your Divorce

Updated on June 29, 2020

Be it divorce or separation, both can have a massive impact on the well-being of children. It is not only saddening but also stressful and extremely confusing for them. A huge number of children undergo the experience of this anxiety each year and the numbers only increase. Though their reaction towards this decision of their parents depends on their age and personality, and obviously if it’s an ugly or peaceful divorce; it still has an adverse effect on their mental health. It is not only difficult for the parents themselves, but also the children. 

Children’s development can be negatively affected by their parents parting ways. It influences their behavior and the way of thinking in various ways which is not healthy at all. Being torn between two loving parents leads to exacerbation of stress and anxiety, and worsens the child’s struggles with mental health

Even though the children may not tend to express their feelings and end up suppressing their emotions, it is the duty of parents to look after their child’s mental health. Parents play a vital role in helping their child to cope up with the divorce. A constant discord amongst parents creates an unhealthy environment for the child. Divorce might have been a solution to it, but it does not completely solve the problem. A child’s mental health continues to suffer throughout. 

A child’s mental health should never be taken for granted. If it keeps on deteriorating then you should seek a family law attorney gig harbor, WA to help your kid get through these tough times. Parents are responsible to take care of their child’s mental state during the process of divorce. Before reaching out to an attorney, parents themselves should try to help their kids to cope up with it. Following are a few advices to ensure your child’s mental well-being:

Your child show know they are loved

Children often end up blaming themselves for their parents’ divorce which is mostly why they suffer from deteriorating mental health. If a parent does not regularly come through, they assume it to be their own fault. This is why it is important for both the parents to make it clear to their child that they are loved regardless of the unusual circumstances.

Encourage them to communicate

Persuade your child to talk it out to you. Encourage them to express their feelings and what they think. Failing to do so can result in built up frustration in them which could lead to increased anxiety and stress. Allow them to showcase their disappointment. Do not make them suppress their feelings.

Make your visitation schedule flexible

Make sure to keep your visitation schedule as flexible as you can and be willing to alter it whenever the child wants to see you. Try to be available for them at all times. 

Tell the truth

Your child deserves to know the true reason behind the divorce. They are entitled to be told why they are being put in such a perplexing situation. Not telling them the truth can create a lot of confusion, and make them struggle with their mental health by always connecting the dots.

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