How to Effectively Manage Lower Back Pain

Updated on February 8, 2021

Back pains result from repetitive lifting heavy objects or preexisting medical conditions such as arthritis. Whatever the cause, the experience is not pleasant. Also, almost everyone has experienced back pain discomfort. There are various remedies you can use to relieve pain at home. Consulting a spine specialist can also help cure back pain. According to Amr Hosny, MD it is possible to recover from pain or injury without the surgery process.

However, if you begin to feel numbness or tingling in the legs, they could signal a severe underlying condition. You should seek intensive medical care. Book an appointment with Livingston Samwell Institute for Pain Management for quick recovery.

Here are the ways you can use to alleviate back pain:


Incorporating foods high in trans fats and refined sugars could cause inflammation that could increase the severity of back pain. The doctor should evaluate you to determine whether your diet could be contributing to your pain and recommend a change. A healthy diet will also help you to manage weight and reduce the pressure exerted on the spine when you are overweight.

Movements and exercise

Every part of our bodies is meant to move. That is how we maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can begin with simple exercises such as going out for a walk and doing your daily activities. Then, progress to more advanced ones like aerobic exercises. However, be careful not to engage in stressful activities when your back is still sore.

Watch your posture

One of the leading causes of back pain is posture, especially associated with your occupation. Your body cannot effectively support your weight if you do not watch to keep a proper posture. Therefore, if you have a job that makes you spend the whole day behind the seat, make sure you do not bend your back. Otherwise, it will only increase your pain. Additionally, when you are lifting heavy objects, do not bend from the waist.


Back pain can be caused by straining, both emotionally and physically. Therefore, when seeking ways to reduce the discomfort, you have to cater to both aspects. Meditation activities include tai chi, yoga, and other relaxation strategies. They are useful because they divert your mind and prevent it from focusing on the pain.

Amending your lifestyle

You have to listen to your body and react accordingly if you are experiencing back pains. For example, you do not have to carry a heavy load all at once. Instead, make repeated trips carrying a smaller load each time. This will prevent the condition from worsening. Also, take less nicotine or give up smoking completely to facilitate the healing process.

Hot and cold therapy

If you have suffered a fall, sore muscles, strained back, or a sports injury, then you could really benefit from cold and hot treatments at home. The main benefit of this remedy is that it is cost-effective and works to alleviate back injuries.

Back pain certainly makes everything we do more and more difficult. Therefore, the simple lifestyle changes should be worth it if the ultimate goal is healing the discomfort. However, if you do not notice any improvement; you should seek medical attention. Consult Samwell Institute for Pain Management for fast and effective recoveries.

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