How to Create a Health App

Updated on December 7, 2021

Health care is an obvious trend in the mobile technology market. There are more and more programs on the market that allow you to monitor your health more closely. Therefore, many want to know how to create a health app for smartphones that will help improve health, set the body in the right mood, and enable it to work most efficiently.

The development of new mobile health apps can play a key role in the present and future of all medicine. There is no doubt that they will become a leading tool for solving everyday problems of this sphere. An aging population, the prevalence of chronic diseases, and disparities in access to care all threaten the sustainability of healthcare as it has existed for the past hundred years.

What health app you can create:

  1. Diagnostic apps designed for primary prevention.
  2. Apps for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including health and fitness platforms, diet, and cardio workout services.
  3. Mental health app to help manage stress and improve your sleep quality.
  4. Women’s health app is designed to provide medical check-ups during pregnancy and lactation, as well as a monthly calendar.

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Creating an app to help you keep track of your health indicators

Before you start developing an app, you should define the target audience: its portrait, traits, characteristics, key goals, and objectives. After collecting information about the audience, you need to prioritize the features that should be in the app and give a preliminary estimate of the budget and timeline.

  1. Choose the right platform. Learn about the most common types of apps, their advantages and disadvantages before developing healthcare platforms. This research helps you decide on the project launch, tailoring the app to the needs of your target audience.
  2. Create an interactive prototype of the project. In other words, formulate a concept without actually developing the app. This step will provide obvious benefits: make a mockup for A/B testing and the ability to evaluate functionality. And finally, should we talk about significant cost savings?
  3. Pay attention to the security of the service. The tools may differ depending on the type of your application and the set of features you want to provide. In any case, you should remember that encrypted data must be transmitted over an established secure connection.

Designing health app

At this stage, you form the structure of the project and create prototype pages for iOS and Android versions of the app. Next, you need to think about the controls in the app and how they relate to its screens, functionality, and each other. In other words, the client will be able to see the logic of how the app works before they start to implement it. The developer works on the overall system architecture: what the services will be, what they will be responsible for, whether there are integrations with other systems, and how they interact with each other.

What features can be included in the app:

  • Activity: motivates by showing how much you are moving.
  • Mindfulness: will allow you to take time to take a few deep breaths and relax. A great way to relieve stress and improve your overall health.
  • Nutrition: whether you count carbs, calories, caffeine, or a host of other important nutritional metrics, a health app makes it easy to manage your goals and keep track of what you eat.
  • Sleep: Additional features and apps feed data into the health app so you can transition into a healthier sleep routine.
  • Health lets you keep track of a wide range of data, from blood pressure and blood glucose measurements to records of your reproductive health and weight.

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UX/UI features for fitness apps

Next, we define the style of the app: color palette, fonts, illustrations, icons, etc., overlay this on the prototype, and get a design concept. This gives us a 100% clear understanding of how the health app will look and work. Along with the corresponding specification, developers get a design layout of the app.

When designing a prototype and creating interfaces, you need to pay attention to the following:

  1. The familiar user interface of the health app on the chosen platform (iOs, Android).
  2. Maximum simplicity for controlling the functions of the application. Large visible buttons.
  3. All functions that are actively used by the user should be on the workout screen. It should not take the user long to navigate through screens and menus.
  4. As much useful information as possible on one screen and everything should be customized to the user’s needs as much as possible

Implementing Google Fit and HealthKit

The advantage of implementing Google Fit and HealthKit is the standardization of human health and activity data. Today’s applications for using data sharing with Google Fit and HealthKit are required to adopt Bluetooth Smart standards.

Developers’ use of these tools extends user functionality, makes it easier to share data between products from different developers, and automatically increases the app’s position on Google Play and the Apple Store.

All health apps guarantee the privacy of user information. But if the app works with HealthKit or Google Fit tools, you can be sure that your information will be securely protected. HealthKit uses data protection and encryption similar to banking software products. And it requires privacy rules from partner apps.

Benefits of Purweb apps:

  1. Target audience only. The expertise of the company’s analysts allows you to create the structure and design for apps that meet the needs of the client’s target audience, to get targeted traffic.
  2. Competent usability. The user-friendly and detailed user interface of your app is the result of several dozens of usability tests. The user easily reaches the target.
  3. Design support. Design support ensures accurate pixel-perfect implementation of the design layout in the form of a working application.


The market for mobile health app and solutions is still in the early stages of development, but a large number of people interested in it are entering the market every day, and the value of mobile health app is growing exponentially. And while the rest of the world is on alert, health apps will only grow in popularity.

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