How to Choose the Right Curling Wands for Your Salon

Updated on August 16, 2020

A lot of healthcare entrepreneurs venture into the salon industry but if you are planning to join the bandwagon, it takes knowledge, skills, and effort to make your salon stand out from the rest. That includes knowing the right curling wands to invest in to attract new customers and retain loyal ones. 

You will least likely come across a salon that does not include hair curling in their services. Curling wands are one of the prime tools for hairstyling that every salon is equipped with. That said, it is most ideal to invest in a range of curling wand varieties to cater to the desires of the people in your target market. 

What You Need to Know About Curling Wands

One of the common mistakes salon owners make is buying the wrong curling wand – one that does not have that x-factor to keep the customers coming back. Avoid going through the same; here are what you need to know about curling wands:

In choosing which curling wands to buy, the first of the things you will want to consider is the type of curls you want to market to your customers. Aside from the design and the price, curling wands differ significantly in terms of the type and size of curls they create. 

Barrel Size Curling Wand

This type of curling wand comes with a unique range of barrels in varying sizes that yield totally different kinds of curls. The most commonly used ones are between one-third to two inches in width. For your customers who prefer tighter and smaller curls, a small-sized barrel iron would be perfect to invest in. Meanwhile, for those who want loose curls, a larger-sized barrel iron is what you will need and for those who want a tousled look, a two-inch barrel curling wand will do great. 

Nothing is a more effective way to make loyal customers than to let them feel that you truly care, more than the money you can make from them. So, you might want to show some love by advising them to hold their desire for loose curls for the moment if they have flat and thin hair as chances are the large barrel iron will only fry the thin hair up. Basically, loose curls are only appropriate for thick-haired women. 

Tiny Barrel Curling Wand

Tiny barrel curling wands are best at achieving tight curls. For your customers with thin, straight, and/or short hair, small-sized barrels are the best to use. If hair and makeup service is included in your menu, you should invest in tiny barrel curling wands are these are best for that and the necessary touch-ups. Do note though that it will take a considerable amount of time for the wand to achieve those tight curls. Just because results are not showing up fast, it does not automatically mean that the curling wand is defective. 

Meanwhile, for customers who want to achieve vintage curls, it will be best to use a three-fourth inch barrel curling wand. If they are short or medium-length haired, the more awesome the output will likely be. 

Universal Size Curling Wand

Most hairstylists opt 1-inch barrel curling wands over the others and according to them, that is because such a size just works well in achieving any types of curls to customers regardless of their hair length. Universal size curling wands are even highly recommended for newbie users as they are easy to use to achieve long layered and short bob curls. 

Now, aside from curling wands’ types, other components are also worth taking into consideration. 

Do note though that curling irons and curling wands are not the same. Although both of them come with a barrel, the former also comes with a clamp that is used to hold the hair while curling. Curling wands do not have that, which means the user has to manually hold the hair to curl. 

Here are other components to consider:

  • The Curling Wand’s Heat Settings. The right heat setting varies depending on the hair texture of your customer which makes heat settings a very vital element. When choosing a curling wand, always go for one whose temperature control can be adjusted. Also, as per the experts, unless your hairstylists are pros, you will want to avoid investing in an ultra-high temperature curling wand, e.g. wand those control can reach 400 degrees F. 300-350 degrees F temp will do fine only for thick hair texture. For thin ones, settings should not go beyond 175 degrees. 
  • The Curling Wand’s Heating Material. Every curling wand’s core is its heating material as it is the one responsible for producing heat to flatten the hair follicles. Two of the most recommended and promising heating materials are the titanium and the ceramic tourmaline combo. The first one is famous because of its smooth surface and high conductivity while the second one is best known for its capability to evenly release and spread heat while preventing hair frizzing. 
  • The Curling Wand’s Shape. When it comes to the shape of the wand, the market has many awesome options for buyers. One of the most popular ones is the cone-shaped wand which is known for its versatility. Cone-shaped wands have small tips with thick bases that help achieve loose, thick curls. Other shape options include:
  • Pearl shaped barrel, which is best known for yielding natural-looking curls;
  • The straight barrel, which is best for producing uniform curls;
  • The triple barrel or also known as the waver, which aces in achieving wavy hairstyles.

There are a plethora of curling wand manufacturers in the market today but if you want to gain a competitive edge, it always pays to do an extensive research to ensure the quality of your hair curling and waving services. Check out each of your options’ reviews and feedback. Ask for referrals or find out what your competitors are using. Although the expertise of your team should come first, the wrong tools might only limit their potentials; wasting your opportunity to earn. 

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