How to Choose the Most Effective Ketamine Clinic in 2020?

Updated on October 9, 2020

Ketamine belongs to RX drugs. A person cannot purchase it without a doctor’s prescription. Sometimes, a person needs professional supervision to take the drug, especially if it is an injection. Today, one can find a Ketamine clinic to get the medicine and undergo the treatment. It is necessary to know how to choose the most effective Ketamine clinic near me. One should answer the questions below to decide where the selected clinic suits the requirements or not.

Who Works in the Ketamine Clinic?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the staff. It is vitally important to deal only with experts. The clinic must have information about the educational background of each member of the personnel and their experience in this field. There is no need to explain the necessity of qualification and knowledge in a person who is going to treat you or your family. 

Not everyone can prescribe and treat with Ketamine. A place or a specialist must have a license to prove the right to administer this drug. The best option is to ask your GP to give recommendations. 

What does a Ketamine Clinic Specialize in?

Hospitals can be different. As a rule, one can find the following classification of Ketamine clinics near me.

  • OCD Ketamine clinic
  • PTSD Ketamine clinic
  • Depression Ketamine clinic
  • Anxiety Ketamine clinic
  • Bipolar disorder Ketamine clinic
  • Psychotherapy and therapy Ketamine clinic
  • Chronic pain Ketamine clinic

Each disease demands different doses and frequency of administration. If a clinic specializes in a concrete problem, it will provide better treatment, unless a person has a combination of disorders. In that case, one will need to search for ketamine clinics to select the best one. 

One should pay attention to the conditions of the chosen clinic. What is the educational degree of the leading doctor? What is the environment inside the building? Will it be comfortable to stay there during and after the prescribed procedures? What health disorders do they promise to treat and how? Are there all the required specialists like GPs, psychologists, registered nurses, psychiatrists? All these questions will create a list of pros and cons and an image of the service in general. 

Who Guarantees Your Safety during the Procedure?

There should be someone who will monitor your health state before, during, and after the intake. Ketamine clinics near me must have either a nurse practitioner or an assistant of a therapeutist. They must record your vitals to compare and contrast results and see if the medication is beneficial or not.

One should also be aware of the possible side effects of the drug. A person can experience 

  • hallucinations
  • inability to self-control 
  • loss of concentration
  • problems with remembering the data
  • sleepiness
  • blood pressure problems
  • breathing difficulties

The location matters. If you are going to reach the destination by car, you will have either to take someone to drive you back afterward or to plan your time appropriately to stay there longer. Knowing Ketamine clinic locations, you will be able to keep safe and plan your time the best way. 

What Type of Ketamine Do Doctors Have at Their Disposal? 

The drug is manufactured in three forms. Health advisors prescribe injections, pills, or nasal sprays. Sometimes patients are allowed to take pills at home but nasal and intravenous intake needs control of an expert. If you need to snort it, you will get the effect in 5 to 15 minutes. In the case of the shot, the reaction will be faster. Pills need up to 30 minutes to influence the human body.

Consequently, one should learn information about the drug availability in the Ketamine clinic and be ready for the procedure. Besides the expectation period, a patient will have to stay longer to make sure that side effects will not occur. 

Is It Located on Google Maps?

Before you decide to turn to Ketamine clinics, you will need to search them on Google Maps or alike apps. If they are official and legal, Google will provide you with details about the clinic like the address, the contact phone number, the official web page, the email address, the rating, and pics made by the satellite.  

What Do FAQ Websites Say About It?

Customer ratings are helpful in the selection. One can try to find reviews on a clinic to learn more about the staff, their attitude to a patient, quality of the service, availability of the drug, etc. Patients often like to share their negative and positive experiences. In that way, they want to warn people about possible risks or encourage them to turn to a concrete hospital. 

How Much Does the Service Cost?

Intravenous intakes are expensive. A person should be ready to pay for it. So, one has to learn the price list of the organization and compare it with other clinics. Moreover, the cost is not to be too low compared with the average price inside the country. 

Sometimes Ketamine clinics do not follow the treatment protocol and hurt a patient. These are warning tips for you to keep in mind.

  1. One infusion costs much higher compared to the national price (it means that they want to make money on you and disobey the law).
  2. Nurses or doctors insist on the use of additional expensive drugs in combination with Ketamine (the center does not follow the prescription of the health advisor and wants to sell its goods).
  3. Members of the staff do not have medical degrees (such persons do not have the right to work with Ketamine patients).
  4. A clinic guarantees 100% successful outcome of the Ketamine treatment (nobody can guarantee that). 
  5. The center asks to undergo testing not recommended by the NIMH. 

People who suffer from depression, panic attacks, or suicidal thoughts must be very careful with the selection of a Ketamine clinic. It must be legal to give you qualitative drugs instead of fakes. Moreover, the results of the treatment depend on the level of the personnel’s professionalism.

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