How to choose the best life insurance plan for seniors


In financial terms, anyone who has acquired the age of 50 or above qualifies as a senior citizen. Such people can avail various types of insurances such as term insurance, pension plans, whole life insurance plans among others. They can choose anything while taking in account and to anchor their financial needs. It is important to keep the senior citizens of one’s house safe and sound, even when it comes to finances.

The age of senior citizens is such that it is important to make them feel fully safe. The old people become physically weak and mentally dependent on others, which is why it is important to keep them in tip-top financial health. Their psychology is such that they easily get influenced by the idea that they are helpless, that is why they also feel very much lonely in their life. The best way to have a secure and mentally happy life at such an age is to secure a life insurance plan, which makes you financially free and mentally happy.

Need for Insurance for Senior Citizens

More than any key factor such as mental peace and physical weakness, what makes an insurance necessary for senior citizens is that at such an age, they do not have any sources of income such as a job or a business. Any such policy makes up for a very huge source of income. 

Sometimes, when the sole earner of a family dies, they might leave behind old parents, who would find it extremely difficult to make their living. An insurance may come in handy at that time. Also, when the health of the old people destabilizes, it might also destabilize their finances, which an insurance does not let happen.

Choosing the Best Insurance Plan-

To choose and anchor an insurance plan is not a tough task. All one needs to do is evaluate certain important points. These important points are discussed below-

  • Type of Insurance- The two main types of insurances are Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance. There is a fixed period of time and no additional benefits in a term life insurance plan. Amount is also given to the family of the person insured if he/she gets deceased before the fixed period ends. It is considered to be cheaper. Whole Life Insurance plans do not have an ending date. They keep on going until the person insured gets deceased. They also come with a saving component with themselves, and cost more than the normal term insurance plans. When choosing your insurance plan, be ready to make a choice based on your personal factors.
  • Payout Types- The payout time period is always different in a lot of plans. One might see that the insurance plan has either monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual or annual payout dates. One might choose a plan which suits themselves. If one is financially sound, an annual payout date would not hurt. But if one has to pay the bills from the insurance money every month, a plan with a monthly payout is the best option.
  • Minimum and Maximum Age to Enter- A senior citizen insurance plan will always have age as the most important factor. When it comes to such plans, it is important that the she limit of a plan suits you. Most senior citizen insurance plans have 50 years as the minimum entrance age. As far as the max age to enter is considered, one needs to consider their age. There are a lot of plans that made for 80 or 85+ people in age, and if you think that your life expectancy is so high, then this is what you need to consider.
  • Rate of Plans- This is a very important factor. The rate of premium is very much dependent on a lot of factors such as the health, family history, lifestyle of the person getting insured. One needs to carefully analyse each and every plan to find out the best possible plan for themselves in such a way that they pay as less premium as possible.
  • Health and Other Benefits- If going for a Whole Life Insurance Plan, always analyse the other benefits very well. Look for the health allowances, savings component, and any other allowances which you might get and compare it with the premium, and with other plans. Only then make an informed choice.

To conclude, one must always maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle so that you get the best possible plan with the cheapest of premiums. This way you will live long and have a great life after becoming a senior citizen.