How To Choose Press Release Submitting Service

Updated on May 6, 2023

Press releases are an effective marketing tool for advertising events, promotions, and giveaways. What to do if you need to send out a press release to a large target audience: bloggers, public people, news agencies and various web portals? There are special services for sending out press releases. Doing this work manually is very long and difficult, so it is rational to choose a quality service and use its services. 

Choosing tips will help you find the most convenient, affordable and effective services for sending out press releases. 

Why Use Press Release Mailing Services

Sending out press releases allows you to attract the attention of your target audience and distribute news about the event to bloggers and news portals. It is cheaper than direct paid advertising. That is why many companies still write effective press releases and send them to users who share them with friends or readers. It is very difficult to send out newsletters on your own. It is usually only done by large companies who have direct contact with representatives of popular media and Internet sites. 

To send out your own newsletters, you need to contact the managers of Internet projects and arrange with them to publish the press release they receive from you. They are unlikely to do it without a request and for free. Therefore, it is faster and more efficient to use a newsletter service. Thanks to this, hundreds of publications, promotions, raffles and news have already gone viral among users. 

If you don’t have a PR service to send out personalized press releases to the media, you can use free news feeds. It’s quick and convenient, but the result is not very good. Because of the large number of publications in the free newsfeeds, many users simply skip even interesting press releases.

Today there are several services that automatically send out press releases. We are talking about full-fledged publications with advertisements for a particular event, site, promotion, raffle. In a press release, you can announce a promotion or just tell them that you have interesting content on your site or that you have a new and useful section. There are virtually no restrictions on content. In any case, moderators will check the content for compliance with publishing rules and offer corrections, if necessary. 

Criteria For Choosing A Press Release Submitting Service

If you decide to use a service to send out press releases, you need to make the right choice based on important criteria. This will determine how effective the mailing will be and what kind of conversion rate it will have. We have prepared 4 key criteria for choosing a press release submitting service. 

  • The service should send out press releases only to reputable sites with real traffic.

Go to the official site of the service and study the information about how press releases are sent out. This service will be effective and efficient if it is sent to reputable sites with real traffic. There are many news feeds that are read by very few real users. Such newsfeeds exist only for various publications. But they do not bring business owners any conversion. 

Press release mailing services must use filters to select only relevant sites to post to. Some services offer customers up to 10 niche site filters. This means that press releases are published only on sites with high Google authority. Such sites should have a DA40+ value. 

Pay attention also to how many backlinks will be published in the press release. At best, there should be 1-3 guest links in a guest post. Such a mailing allows you to additionally build up your external link mass, which is an important part of search engine optimization. 

Several services meet these criteria, including Adsy press release service. This service provides access to Dofollow backlinks from $14 with the ability to select niche authoritative sites for publication. 

  • The service should have a user-friendly interface.

Choose a service with a user-friendly interface. This is important so that you save your time and don’t have to call support every time for help. The best services have a very simple interface where you can apply for a press release mailing list in just a couple of clicks. The site should have an explanation of how to set up a newsletter and what benefits the web service offers. If necessary, there should be access to an online helpdesk chat room. 

  • Check the availability of additional web services.

Some services offer users several types of services at once. This is convenient if you are engaged in comprehensive promotion of your site or offline business.

Additional services that press release submitting service can offer:

  • Automatic publication of guest posts with backlinks;
  • Helpful filters to sort publishers;
  • Boosted amount of referral traffic;
  • Automated control over the blog posts placement.

You can use press release mailing as an auxiliary marketing tool in parallel with search engine optimization and link building. In this case, services that offer several services at once with a quality guarantee, and active support service can help you. 

Press release services are friends with most news sites and know which guest post format suits them best. They will post your news and provide a report. Chances are, published press releases will be noticed by bloggers and published themselves. 

Press release publishing services should not be seen as PR today, but as content marketing. 

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