How to Choose a Reliable Weight Loss Surgeon

Updated on April 8, 2021

Overweight, or obese, people naturally fail at normal weight loss methods since obesity causes uncontrolled eating. Diet and exercise are only successful for people who have just a few pounds to lose. Obesity is a medical condition requiring medical attention for recovery and the most effective solution comes from weight loss surgery (vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG)/gastric sleeve). Successful weight loss surgery comes from choosing a reliable weight loss surgeon. Choosing the right surgeon has benefits for patients and research tells us just how successful patient results can be!

Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery is a life-changing decision for many people. In most ways, weight loss surgery can change your life for the better. 

  • Out of the many types of surgery available, from Gastric bypass to a GI switch, VSG is the most popular choice. 
  • Mainly due to its speedy recovery time and very small surgical wounds, VSG surgery often leaves patients very satisfied by giving them not only a new body, but a new beginning…

Benefits of VSG surgery

Benefits of VSG surgery are seen in the smiles and healthy bodies its patients come out with! From giving patients new healthy lifestyle habits to a permanent weight loss solution, VSG surgery can give you a fresh start in life!

VSG Surgery Benefits

Permanently reduces stomach sizePatient’s stomach will be reduced by about 80%.
Permanently restricts daily eatingLimits food quantity patients can eat after surgery since the stomach is reduced.
Naturally reduces hungerWorks with your body to naturally reduce hunger hormones and cravings, allowing you to feel fuller longer.
Minimal riskVSG does not require complex changes to your inner organs. 
Fast recovery Since VSG uses a tiny camera and makes such small surgical cuts during surgery, it has one of the best recovery times. 
Improves obesity-related medical conditions VSG cures obesity and can also cure high blood pressure!
High success ratePatients can lose as much as 70% of their extra weight within a year of surgery.

Keys to successful VSG surgery

Keys to successful VSG surgery involve patient education. The main keys to success are as follows:

  • Meeting VSG surgery requirements 
  • Choosing the right surgeon 
  • Understanding the costs and how VSG costs can be reduced (by using a medical tourism company)
  • Following patient nutritional instructions (before and after surgery) 
  • Contacting your medical team if you have questions/concerns
  • Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle

Choosing a Reliable Weight Loss Surgeon

Choosing a reliable weight loss surgeon is main key to a successful VSG surgery. Here are the factors you should consider when choosing your surgeon:

  • Experienced (or Board-certified; fully trained/qualified)
  • Uses state-of-the-art surgical equipment/centers
  • Has an operating room only for VSG surgery
  • Has full surgical staff on-site
  • Provides personalized care & hospitality (attention and care tailored to your needs)
  • Positive communication (answers all your questions)
  • Affordability (does your insurance cover this surgeon? If not, can you afford it?)


Research on VSG surgery can show just how important it is to have the right surgeon. A study looked at 217 super obese patients after VSG surgery and gastric bypass surgery. The study found after 5 years:

  • Both VSG surgery and gastric bypass have comparable weight loss results. This is a benefit for VSG surgery since gastric bypass is more complex with a longer recovery. Weight loss percentages for VSG patients was 61.1% and for gastric bypass was 68.3%.
  • Only 15.8% of patients needed a reoperation or medical assistance for complications after VSG surgery.
  • However, 22.1% of gastric bypass patients needed a reoperation/more medical assistance from complications.

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts on choosing a reliable weight loss surgeon come down to your decision. Making an informed decision based on facts is crucial. Choosing the right weight loss surgeon will give you the best surgical experience and results to meet your weight loss goals. While qualifications and experience are important, at the end of the day you also need to afford the surgery!


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