How To Buy Glasses With Vision Direct

Updated on November 19, 2020

Stuck at home and need a pair of glasses? You cannot go out during the Coronavirus pandemic to even get your prescription glasses. Coronavirus has changed everything, and you need to consider other alternatives. But there is no need to worry as the retailers like Vision Direct help you get accurate lenses to match your needs that too without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Shopping for glasses online is a breeze as you do not need to visit an optical shop to get accurate lenses. They deliver your prescription glasses at your doorstep, and what can be better than that. So, follow this easy guide to find your perfect specs online.

Get your prescription:

The first step is definitely most obvious: get your prescription. If you have been to your eye doctor recently, then you must have your prescription in your hands.  You might have kept it in the drawer or desk. Check it out before choosing the lenses and frames.

Without your glass measurements on hand, you would not be able to get the right specs, and it is your eye doctor’s job to write you a prescription. Know your pupillary distance, which is the space between your eyes.

Vision Direct’s virtual try-on technology:

You have your prescription ready in your hands; now visit the retailer’s online. Choosing the right pair of glasses is very important as you will be wearing most of your time. But how am I going to try glasses online? 

Don’t worry! Vision Direct has come up with a virtual try-on tool to help you find the perfect pair of eyeglasses. It works like a mirror and allows you to try on glasses virtually using your mobile camera or webcam. All you have to do is choose the eyewear of your choice and see if it suits you.

Get the right frame:

Once you have your prescription down, you are ready to buy a perfect frame online. Buying prescription glasses is the best alternative as you can try as many frames as you want. Search through Vision Direct’s huge collection of sunglasses or designer eyeglasses to find the perfect pair. No matter what your budget is, you would be able to choose a frame that flatters your face. Do not overlook the quality of materials used in making the frame.

Frame shape:

There are many shapes to faces-oval, rectangular, round, heart, and the like. The first thing you need to do is determine your face shape, and the virtual try-on tool helps you do that. When you know your face shape, you can better figure out what frame would work for your face.

For instance, those who have oblong face shape should consider wearing frames that have more depth and width.  Try narrow frame style if you have a square face shape. For diamond face shape cat-eye or rimless frames are a good choice.

Frame size:

Now comes the most important part; what frame looks great on you. When it comes to choosing the right specs frame, it is important to know what glasses suit your face. Selecting a frame that is too loose means you will be adjusting it all the time. 

If you choose a frame that is too narrow, it could restrict proper blood flow. Pick a frame shape that complements your features and is proportionate to your face. A right frame can make you stand out. So, there is no need to make a hasty decision. Take your time to choose the right frame size for your face.

Enter your prescription:

You know what frame better suits you face. Now it’s time to fit them with your prescription lenses. Guess what the best part is? With vision Direct’s virtual try-on tool, the process of choosing the accurate lenses has become easier. Enter the information manually or upload it in the system and that’s it.

Buying prescription glasses becomes a lot easier when you choose the right retailer. Vision Direct is Australia’s most trusted online eyeglasses retailer that enables you to pick the perfect specs. Browse their large collection of designer glasses and choose one that flatters your face. They offer you a 24 months warranty, best price guarantee and free shipping too. 

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