How to become a yoga teacher?

Updated on October 2, 2020

Becoming a Yoga teacher

Yoga can be termed as the art of living for the current generation. In an age where people are continuously falling prey to harmful diseases like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, and cancer, yoga can be an all-round solution. The different asana and poses of yoga can help an individual lead a healthy and peaceful life. People are continually searching for good yoga teachers who can guide them through their entire yoga journey. So if you feel you have it in you and have an inclination towards teaching, becoming a yoga trainer can be an excellent career opportunity for you. 

Registered Yoga Teachers

A yoga teacher or instructor is a professional who has completed his yoga certification course from a reputed yoga institute. He or she is a person who has complete knowledge about the various yoga poses and its effects on the well-being of a person. Being an instructor, you can also guide your students in yogic philosophy, meditation, and nutrition. Professional yoga instructors can conduct 2group classes, one-on-one classes, workshops on meditation, or diet. 

An internationally certified yoga teacher training India can work as a self-employed professional, part-time, or full-time instructor. As per the terms of the contract, you can work during weekends, weekdays, early mornings, or in the evening. Travel is an integral part of a yoga instructor’s job profile. You might need to travel intercity or at the client’s location to provide a yoga session. 

Eligibility to become a Yoga Instructor

Any person who has completed a professional yoga teacher training and certification can become a yoga teacher. Many employers prefer to hire candidates with Registration or Certification from recognized institutes. A candidate with a CPR certification gets an added advantage during this process. A person applying for the yoga trainers’ course should be physically fit, have secure communication and speaking skills, and can be able to motivate participants in attaining goals. 

How can you become a Yoga Instructor?


Here are the basic steps for becoming a successful yoga instructor:

1.    Learn Yoga – If you wish to become a successful yoga instructor, you should go for a professional course that will give you in-depth knowledge about the different types of yoga; Anusara, Ashtanga, Hatha, Bikram, and Vinyasa. Learn with the prime motive to widen your perspective. The way to a yoga type is to find an experienced teacher and learn under his guidance. Your mentor can also help you with identifying the best kind of yoga for you. 

2.    Complete your Teachers’ Training Course – An ideal yoga instructor training course includes coursework in instructional techniques. Physiology, anatomy, and yoga philosophies are integral parts of the coursework. By participating in different workshops and lectures, you will gain hands-on experience in various yoga asanas. The majority of the yoga schools follow the regulations set for 200-hour yoga teacher training Rishikesh and 500 hours training programs. 

3.    Get Registered – Once you have completed a yoga teacher training course as per the guidelines set by Yoga Alliance, successfully, you are ready to register yourself with RYT- Registered Yoga Teacher credentials. Though this registration is voluntary, you can get the upper hand during interviews if you have one. 

4.    Education Credits – You can enhance your knowledge and experience by attending seminars and workshops regularly. Also, the candidates who are registered with Yoga Alliance need to complete 75 hours of continuous training once in three years. This training includes attending additional sessions for 30 hours and teaching time of 45 hours.

Some Important Success Tips for Aspiring Candidates


Here are some critical success tips for the candidates who wish to make it big in this industry:

•    Networking – Becoming a yoga instructor is like doing any type of business. You need to market yourself, your training sessions, and your qualifications to attract more and more candidates. Having a strong network with classmates, seniors, and teachers can help you crack opportunities at a faster pace. 

•    Understand Market – You see, today’s youth is so engrossed in their hectic life that they rarely get any time to look after their health. An unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, and eating habits are the major causes of harmful diseases. Studying current health stats and understanding the requirements of the people can help you in tapping the correct market section. For instance, you can target athletes, golfers, corporate employees, and so on.

If you wish to invest your money in becoming a yoga teacher or pay for an online yoga instructor course, search for the best yoga teacher training in India, which can resonate with your objective. Get in touch with market experts to understand the possible career avenues for you in this domain. Good Luck!

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