How Technology can help monitor Health and Safety of Elderly Parents

Updated on October 29, 2021

Technology has completely changed our day-today! It has enabled us to connect quicker, created amazing tools and resources, ensuring we have all the information we need at our fingertips. As expected, technology has had a great impact in the lives of seniors, its advances have provided quicker ways to communicate and varied devices are enabling seniors to live more independently.

One of the many benefits brought about by technology, has been the ability to provide care from a distance. New technology, has enabled children to monitor they’re elderly parents remotely, these devices alert caregivers to potential safety or health problems. Also, home care providers use specialised care management software to monitor their senior clients and staff, as well as manage accurate care reports and schedules.

Here we’ll explore some of the best technology available to help monitoring elderly remotely allowing them some independence.

In-Home Passive Monitoring

Passive remote monitoring uses internet-connected sensors that are set-up according to established parameters of “normal activity”, these combined with smart health and home technology provide accurate information. These sensors and devices collect data throughout the day and compare it with the baseline data. Anything that falls outside the “normal” parameters are flagged as a potential cause for concern.

For instance, slips and falls are a major cause of injuries amongst the elderly. There are measures that can be taken to help prevent this such as investing on supported shoes and installing slip-proof flooring. However, passive remote monitoring devices can help identify water leaks and their motion sensors detects falls.

Without being too intrusive, these devices have proven effective in caring for elderly parents from a distance.

Home Safety Systems

Most security systems include sensors that detect when a door is opened and others go as far as allowing you to control multiple appliances and functions in a property. For instance, you may want to consider a system that allows you to control locks, motion, windows and smoke detectors. Choices vary with each case but these systems can help ensure the safety of your elderly parent by notifying a family member, caregiver or neighbour to verify whether there is a problem.

Healthcare Apps

There is an app for everything! Today, there are several healthcare apps that not only help you keep track of your parent’s health but also include interactive calendars to help organize a caregiving schedule. Some apps even include message boards for encouragement or important information.

Caring for an aging parent can be a stressful task, thankfully technological advances are making things more manageable, allowing parents to maintain some of their independence and giving carers peace of mind.

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