How Roofing Contractors Provide A Warranty For Homeowners

Updated on July 28, 2021
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As a homeowner, you want to get the best material for your house including the roof. If you find the right roofing company to provide you with high-quality roofs and good workmanship, then congratulations! More information about roofers can be found here.

You just now have to sit back and relax, enjoy the next years in your house, and not worry about leaks because you know that the roof will be repaired once there are damages. However, things may not be as simple as it seems. Everything depends on what you have purchased.

Most home and building owners look at the number of years that the warrant will be covering instead of looking on the fine print of the ins and outs of their coverage. They may be surprised that they might have to pay a contractor once they request for repairs. 

Here are some things that you should know when it comes to warranties:

  • The type and kind of home warranty that the manufacturer provides you
  • The term of the warranty
  • Factors that can make it void
  • Responsibilities of homeowners in maintaining their roofs 
  • The things that are not covered 

If you haven’t purchased or committed to any company yet, ask them for a sample leaflet of the services and warranties that they offer. If you have already got your roof installed and experiencing leaks, here are some of the things that you need to ask your contractors:

1. What are the differences between manufacturers and contractors’ warranties?

This is very simple. The manufacturers are the ones that provide the material for the roof. On the other hand, the contractors are the ones who did the service. Most manufacturers require the contractors to do repairs once the materials were damaged by hailstorms or rains. The contractors do not cover the materials used and will only do repairs if the workmanship was substandard.

2. Material and Labor Warranties

The material-only warranty is cheaper compared to others. This type covers the premature deterioration and factory defects for the duration that the roof is covered. The materials can include the main membrane and will not cover the accessories such as metal edge, adhesives, and flashings. This type will offer credit to the homeowner to purchase new membranes. However, the cost of labor and installation will not be shouldered by the manufacturers

Labor-Only warranty will cover the defects that the roof has. It will cover the cost of manual labor when it comes to the installation of the materials. However, this does not cover the damage caused by improper installation. They can also cover the cost of leaks when the quality is not up to their standards, but the material is not covered.

Full system warranties may mean that all the materials, accessories, and flashings are covered. All the materials used in the original installation will be shouldered by the manufacturer. In addition to this, the full cost, leak repairs, and labor will be covered. However, there are things such as installation errors that may not be included.

The Difference between Labor and Workmanship

Many people may be confused and think that these two types of warranties are the same. But they are different. Labor warranties can include free repairs as long as it follows the agreement of the entire system as agreed. However, this does not cover the repair costs caused by improper installation. This is why you have to get the best installer and do everything right the first time. You can get help by typing My Roofing Advocate Roofing Contractors for more information about how you can get the best contractors for your home.

Workmanship warranties will cover all the expenses that were caused by improper installations, errors from the workmen, and other things that a warranty exclusive to labor-only will not pay for. If the entire system of your roof is covered, then there’s a good chance that you have a workmanship warranty coverage. You can ask the installer if they include this kind of service to their customers.

What Are the Things that Are Part of the Coverage?

This depends on what kind of warranty you may have received. You may have surprises later on when you have to spend more. Make sure that you read everything on fine print before you commit. Know the inclusions and exclusions of your package to be on the safe side. Be aware that there are high wind coverage or puncture coverage that is required in many materials. 

Leak Repairs

Some companies will gladly repair the roof if the circumstances fall on certain requirements. If the issue of the leak came from hailstorms, strong winds, or typhoons, then the material and labor costs will be shouldered by the roofing contractor company. However, some leaks were caused by negligent acts, lightning, fire, or earthquakes that may not be covered. 

High Winds

There are states where high winds are common. There are gold seals that ensure that the homeowners will not spend anything if damages were bone by winds that have gusts of 55mph. If you decide to build a home in higher terrain, you may want to get an upgrade of your coverage. This will mean that your roof system will be enhanced but that can mean additional expenses of owning a home.

Get an Experienced and Ethical Company

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Before the installation, you need to hire the best roofer out there. You should deal with someone that can provide you protection in the coming years. You should not have any hassles when it comes to repairs. If everything goes well, you would not need to replace your roof for another 30 to 40 years. This is a massive project that should be taken seriously. Any incompetent roofer will make the whole project a nightmare. Select a company that will provide you with the best materials, the best service, and the best warranties. You can have peace of mind when you know that you are dealing with the best.  

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