How Plant-Based Diet can cure PCOS?

Updated on May 6, 2021
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“Food doesn’t cure diseases medicines do,” this is the first thought you are triggered with after reading the title. Think of your body as a mysterious machine, It works well when its fuelled with materials that are meant to work for it. I highly suggest you read this article about Indian vegetarian diet plan for pcos weight loss before you read any further.

Essentially, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is an imbalance of hormones. It disrupts your reproductive health, leads to loss of feminine characteristics, and hampers menstrual cycle. The cause of this condition isn’t well understood even by scientists yet, but it can either be environmental factors, genetics, or a combination of both. 

Of course, the results may vary from person to person, but the base outcome is usually an overproduction of androgens, which leads to the imbalance mentioned earlier. There are many treatment options recommended by doctors today but they all involve eating healthy prepared meals. If you haven’t visited a physician yet, then this is the best time to book an appointment.

Why make Lifestyle changes?

Increasing weight aggravates the symptoms of PCOS, which can lead to chronic issues. A healthy weight helps restore ovulation by reducing androgen levels in the body. 

Stress can manifest in your body in many ways. The endocrine system is affected by stress levels and in turns causes hormonal imbalance. Mind-body connection when plagued with bad habits joins up causing PCOS.    

Spike in blood sugar levels, caused due to consumption of animal proteins and saturated fats. Since this is a condition that’s still being researched, you may not know how your body will react when high blood pressure and PCOS combine. To avoid any possible catastrophic outcomes, it would be prudent to keep both your blood pressure and heart rate in check.

Exposure to endocrine disrupters, mimicking estragon in our body are found in beauty products and cleaners. Once they enter the body, they disturb the hormone balance. Using organic products can combat this issue.

How and why a plant-based diet can cure?

The plant-based diet is Mother nature’s curated diet. Since time immemorial, such diets have been known to have a direct impact to one’s health. For instance,  fruits are anti-oxidant rich foods. Antioxidants are friends of your body that fights with chemicals, that encourage aging. When choosing fruits choose fruits that are deeper in color like blueberries, pomegranate, and cherries.

The plant-based diet is a way of increasing nutrition in your diet while decreasing the inflammation. Gaining control of PCOS becomes naturally easier with a plant-based diet. It is optimal to fill all the cravings with so many creative recipes and alternatives coming to the store shelves.

Carbohydrates are frequently associated with good and bad carbs and protein associated with weight gain. When choosing carbohydrates there is an array of whole grains. However, as you do that, it’s imperative that you exercise moderation because too much of some of these products can be unhealthy. Carbohydrates, for instance, are frequently associated with good and bad carbs. Therefore, you should try and avoid highly sugary food and reduce your consumption of white rice, white bread, and potato chips. Protein, on the other hand, is associated with weight gain. Therefore, be very careful when choosing your carbohydrate and protein options. 

It is important to have fat in your meal plan. And choosing healthy fats are an important way to balance our diet. Plant-based fat sources like olives, nuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, avocados and olives; and nut butter.

The body naturally gets itself rid of harmful AGE’s, but it does not eliminate them effectively when higher amounts of it are ingested into the body through food. All of the body cells are affected causing aging and development of worsening chronic diseases.  Higher AGE levels are found in animal-derived products.

Effective ways to eliminate AGE  (Advanced Glycation End protein)  effectively 

  1. Modifying cooking methods, baked instead of fried or grilled (at least doing it less frequently brings in a change). Boiling, steaming, stewing, poaching, lower temperature cooking, and cooked for a shorter period.
  2. Diet rich in plant foods, fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, millets, prepared with moist heat and less processed like soups or stew, salads, smoothies.
  3. Choose anti-oxidant rich and fresh whole foods, natural vitamin C, flax seeds, dark fruits like grapes, blueberries, may likewise help and have shown to hinder AGE’s formation
  4. Get moving, an inactive lifestyle can cause PCOS to skyrocket. So, contrast your rich plant-based with a regular exercise regime.

Diary causes are most inflammatory, it destroys gut health, imbalance in hormone levels. The protein component in milk is highly acidic, while the human body is alkaline. On consumption of this protein through milk, leeches calcium from our bone to neutralise the environment in our body. Resultantly, we are losing calcium instead of gaining it. Alternatively, Consuming Ragi (millet), sesame seeds, fresh green vegetables can easily fulfill daily 400 milligrams of requirements. 

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Meat does nothing but makes the body insulin resistant, the insulin receptors are damaged. The human body was never designed to be carnivores. The acids that are present in our gut, are not as acidic as the low pH level of meat. Therefore, the animal-derived products majorly go undigested in our gut. Only due to marketing and industrialization we are made to believe some false facts. 

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Dietary changes exponentially control most PCOS related symptoms whilst providing a healthier gut microbiome and also reduce PCOS associated conditions. A low carb diet is often appropriate to control insulin and androgen levels and may restore ovulation

Maintain a healthy weight a slight reduction of weight as low as 3 kgs might improve your condition. The effectiveness of weight loss is often beneficial for good reproductive health.

It is rightly said by Vedas, we tend to become what we eat; which led to food bifurcation into Tamasic, Rajasic, Sattvic. Similarly holding on to a clean and fresh Plant-based lifestyle will do good to your body and mind.

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