How Pharmacies Can Go Green

Updated on May 6, 2023
How Pharmacies Can Go Green

With more people caring about the environment, many businesses are joining in on the fight to protect the earth. Companies that make changes to go green can save money and even attract new customers who look to support eco-friendly businesses. Pharmacies can easily become one of those businesses. Here we provide a list to show you how pharmacies can go green.

Conserve Energy

One of the most obvious ways to go green is by conserving energy. Turn off all lights, computers, air conditioning, or anything else that is not needed when the pharmacy closes. Consider changing overhead lights to the type with motion sensors, so they are only on when the room is occupied. In the long run, these measures will help save money on the energy bill while also helping the environment.

Offer Online Services

These days, almost anything can be accomplished online, and many customers prefer this method because it is easier to manage. It can save money and time while reducing paper waste. There will be fewer customers calling in orders or waiting at the desk, freeing up time for other duties. Offering services online will also cost less, since less paper is needed. Consider setting up online options for filling prescriptions, getting receipts, and receiving pharmaceutical instructions.

Print Less

Find new ways to save paper by printing the bare minimum. Work schedules are often printed for employees at pharmacies, but they could receive the same information through their phone or computer. Many pharmacies must print instructions, but the customer legally only needs the first page, so employees can opt to only print what is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, be sure to have a recycling bin for papers as well as plastic vials.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

This is one of the most important examples of how pharmacies can go green. The Environmental Protection Agency gives large fines to companies who do not follow regulations on the disposal of hazardous waste. By properly disposing of hazardous waste, a pharmacy can go green while avoiding extra costs. Also, it can help to lookup tips for properly labeling hazardous waste containers to ensure that nothing will get mistaken or be disposed of improperly.

Start a Vial Reuse Program

Pharmacies can also go green when it comes to prescription vials. For instance, employees can use smaller vials and fill them more. In addition, companies can start buying vials from green suppliers. A pharmacy can also create a vial reuse program. Customers who are mindful of the environment know that even the process of recycling plastics can cause pollution. Those customers would likely appreciate the option to reuse their pill vials instead. With such a program, they could opt into it and bring their empty vials to the pharmacy. As long as they are refilled with the same medication, it is safe; all the vial will need is a new label.