How Negative Thoughts Impact the Body

Updated on October 27, 2021

Research suggests that your body and mind are way more connected than people at first think. The body reacts to the mind, which is why some find meditation and positive thinking a useful technique for increasing their chances of positive outcomes. 

When it comes to stress, worries and other mental health issues, you might not realize just how much your body is expressing these emotions physically, as well as in the mind. You’ve probably noticed it in your friends; when they’re sad, their body may fold into itself with slouched shoulders or a low head. But, when they’re happy, they stand much prouder with the shoulders back. 

In this post, you’ll learn how negativity and bad thoughts can impact the body physically, and what can be done to help. 

What Negativity Does to the Body

Feeling stressed, anxious and depressed can cause a physical reaction in the body. You might find in your low periods it’s as if everything is going wrong all at once. You’re worried about work and now you’ve got backache or neck strain to tackle on top of it all. Great. 

Negativity can cause all sorts of physical aches and pains and may even be linked to a shortened lifespan. Researchers have demonstrated that it can impact wound healing from injury or surgery, too. 

Researchers have found that negativity significantly impacts the telomerase enzyme. This enzyme is used to protect the body’s chromosomes and requires a healthy relationship between the body and mind in order to thrive. The telomere effect is what professionals refer to when negative thoughts or disease cause inactivity in the telomerase enzyme which in turn leads to the speeding up of the aging process and the shortening of lifespan. 

In order to protect the telomeres, it’s always recommended that you try to live a healthy, stress-free lifestyle. But that’s often easier said than done.

How Massage Can Help

Massage is provenly beneficial for those suffering from stress, anxiety and even depression as the technique can help to alleviate and release tensions in the body. 

Booking in for a massage at could be exactly what you need to live a more positive and stress-free life – ultimately protecting the telomeres. Massage is known to help flood the brain with all the good chemicals needed. Endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin can all be released through targeted massage techniques. 

By flooding the brain with these positive chemicals, you may find your outlook shifts. Massage guides both the body and mind into relaxation and state of reset and rest. This can improve pains and stresses held in the body but also lower stress and therefore aid healing

Healing the Body from Negativity

Ironically, there are a lot of people who stop themselves booking in for a stress releasing massage due to negative thoughts about the treatment. 

Some people find the idea of getting undressed for a stranger too uncomfortable to even consider. However, trained massage therapists offer a relaxing environment with no judgement or discomfort. Anything you don’t want to do; you won’t have to. Massage is more effective with direct contact; however, therapists are more than happy to do the same treatments with fully clothed patients. 

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