How MDM solutions are Beneficial in Healthcare Industry?

Updated on January 19, 2024
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Healthcare, like other businesses, has gone digital, and a variety of smart gadgets are employed to improve patient experience and effectively manage medical mobile devices. A mobile device management (MDM) system expedites the healthcare process and offers instant access to medical care. Smart devices are used by the healthcare industry for research, data storage, appointment scheduling, and communication. The healthcare business has a number of significant challenges as a result of the use of these digital devices, such as concerns about data security, network security, regulatory compliance, inconsistent device administration, device configuration, lack of focus, and device update issues.

Ensuring the safest and uninterrupted utilization of devices is imperative as the healthcare sector handles medical situations. A healthcare MDM solution can be installed to swiftly fix these problems.

5 Benefits of Mobile Device Management for Healthcare

  • Remote Management

Healthcare facilities can increase the efficiency and security of enrolled devices by managing numerous duties remotely with the help of an MDM solution. Administrators can identify dangers by remotely monitoring the devices. When the devices are left unattended, they can access them and remotely configure the security policies on them. Administrators can even view what’s going on by using the device cameras.

  • Efficient Device Deployment

Healthcare administrators can deploy an infinite number of devices into the management system with an MDM solution, ensuring that all devices are pre-configured with security settings and healthcare apps. It increases efficiency at work and saves a lot of time compared to manually setting up each device.

  • Enhanced Patient Experience

MDM enables healthcare providers to set up interactive kiosk devices for patients. These devices are used for multiple purposes, like entering personal data, editing information, checking schedules, and performing transactions. It reduces patients waiting time and makes them happy. 

  • Focused Work

Healthcare practitioners can put up interactive kiosks for patients with the help of MDM. These devices can be used for a variety of tasks, including as transacting business, checking schedules, entering personal data, and modifying information. Patients are happier and their waiting times are cut down. 

  • Data Security and Compliance

Through the establishment of many security policies, including strong passwords, data encryption, remote device lockdown, and factory reset and wipe, MDM solutions guarantee data protection on enrolled devices.


What is AirDroid MDM for healthcare?

Healthcare facilities can use AirDroid Business, an Android device management solution. With amazing features like camera access, centralized management, app management, remote device monitoring and control, and configurable security settings, it makes fleet management easier for them. With its extensive capabilities and features, this management software has won multiple awards and enhances security and deployment. 

How AirDroid Business MDM Help the Healthcare Industry?

Businesses need to follow strict compliance laws in many different industries. By putting in place security safeguards and monitoring tools to guarantee compliance with laws like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), MDM solutions assist SMBs in meeting these obligations.

  • App Management

To maintain medical staff attention on patients, AirDroid Business assists healthcare facilities in optimizing device usage on hospital grounds. Regardless of where the devices are situated, administrators can give them security updates or new features. This lowers operating expenses and enables healthcare organizations to more effectively manage their medical resources.

  • Kiosk Mode

Android Kiosk Mode allows IT admins to lock Android tablets into single app mode, whitelist websites, and block unauthorized network access. Admins can use app whitelist and blacklist features to allow and block access to specific applications. They can also use kiosk mode to restrict all settings and operations and run only one app on the devices that healthcare professionals need. 

  • Unlimited Device Configuration

AirDroid Business MDM enables healthcare centers to enroll unlimited devices in the management system for all medical staff. All the devices are pre-configured with healthcare-related applications, and strong password policies are set to keep the data safe. Healthcare professionals can utilize the devices instantly without any manual installations or settings. It saves their time and helps them to perform tasks instantly. Here are various ways for you to enroll in AirDroid Business: QR code-based enrollment, EMM token enrollment, enrollment with USB, and regular enrollment with code credentials. Besides, you can zero-touch enrollment.

  • Geo-fencing and Real-time Location Finding

Devices of medical staff are highly confidential as they contain patients’ sensitive data and medical applications that can cause damage if got into the wrong hands. To keep the devices on hospital premises, admins can set geo-fencing alerts so that they will get alerts when the device leaves the hospital premises. In case of theft or loss, AirDroid Business provides a real-time location of the device to track it. MDM allows administrators to remotely lock or wipe devices, preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing patient data. This feature helps safeguard patient information and maintain data confidentiality.

  • Customized Security Policies

AirDroid Business helps the healthcare industry to comply with basic security standards and avoid penalties. It allows admins to customize various settings according to industry-defined standards. 

  • Remote Control

Maintaining a large fleet of devices can be expensive and inefficient, especially for those devices that are spread across multiple locations. By remote control, the administrators in healthcare organizations can troubleshoot issues and solve the problem in time. AirDroid Business supports the management of unattended facilities, which can save labor costs immediately. With AirDroid’s Black Screen Mode, which is a privacy-centric technology and the first in the industry. When the mode is turned on, the remote screen will be darkened and the device will be temporarily blocked. This will ensure patients’ sensitive data stays private.


Mobile device management plays a vital role in supporting enterprises with various tasks. The healthcare industry constantly works to provide the best medical facilities to patients. Digital devices have transformed basic and advanced medical facilities in this technological world. Patients no longer need to wait in queues to book doctor appointments. Self-service kiosks help patients to manage their appointments with doctors smoothly. 

AirDroid Business MDM is one of the best solutions for data security, remote management, unattended access, device configuration, data encryption, and remote troubleshooting for healthcare centers’ Android devices. The benefits of connected healthcare and telemedicine couldn’t be more apparent than at this moment, and MDM is the key that unlocks their fullest potential.

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