How Long Does It Take For A Patella Injury To Heal?

Updated on June 7, 2021

The first thing most people want to know when they experience an injury is how long will it take to heal. In some cases, this is simply a curiosity. In others, it’s an essential matter as the injury can give them issues with movement, undertaking daily tasks, or even completing their daily tasks.

What Is the Patella

The patella, also known as the kneecap, is a flat triangular bone with a rounded front. It’s unique in your body. It actually acts as a protector, helping to ensure your knee joint doesn’t become damaged. When your patella is injured it is classified as a serious injury and can affect your ability to walk. You may struggle to straighten your knee. 

Of course, the patella is extremely vulnerable if you fall directly onto your knees. This is a common way of fracturing the kneecap. This is why you should take any injury related to your knee very seriously. The knee experts at TSRG are also there to tell you all about the ways through which you can treat any knee injury.

The procedure for repairing your patella will depend on the damage you’ve incurred.

  • Fractures

A fracture, where the patella has split in it but is not broken can be put in a cast or splint and left to heal. The same is true of a simple break. 

  • Breaks

Unfortunately, in most cases, the bone breaks into several pieces and these will move, making a simple cast an ineffective solution. Instead, surgery will be necessary to rebuild the patella and stabilize it for the future.

You should note that surgery will be almost immediate if the fracture has ruptured the skin. If it hasn’t the surgery may be delayed to ensure abrasions have healed.

Recovering From A Damaged Patella

There is more to recovery than simply waiting for the allotted time to pass. Your patella is an important part of your body and your ability to walk will be affected while it is broken. 

It will be important to visit a reputable therapist, such as this physiotherapist Concord. They will show you exercises that can help you to recover fully. A physiotherapist will also monitor your progress to ensure the patella is healing properly. 

In general, you’ll be dealing with moderate to severe pain for two to three weeks. During this time you’ll need to take painkillers and anti-inflammatories. You can start working with a physio straight away although the exercises will be minimal. They will advise when you can put weight on your leg and how to strengthen your muscles. 

You should note that it will take time to put all your weight on your leg again. In fact, it can take up to six months to return to all your normal activities. In most cases, three to six months is enough. But, in severe cases, it can take longer than this. 

You’ll also be given guidelines for the future to help prevent the injury from happening again.  These generally include avoiding squatting, deep knee bending, and repetitive actions that can place a strain on your knee.

The secret to making the best recovery possible is to follow the advice given and do the exercises regularly. 

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