How Long Do Braces Take to Straighten Teeth

Updated on April 14, 2022

Using braces to straighten your teeth might take a while, but the result is always worth the wait. Braces use gentle force to realign the teeth, so, you should not expect fast action.

Without putting other factors into consideration, braves should take between 6 months to 2 years to completely straighten the teeth. And in unique cases, it can take up to 3 years for perfect straightening. Even if you live in a place such as Singapore where dentists are known for quality work, it can take even up to 3 years for more unique and complicated cases.

Factors that Affect Amount of Time

Even though we said the the length of the treatment for braces in Singapore should take 6-24 months to straighten the teeth, some factors will determine if the treatment will be shorter or longer.


Some believe that braces do not work for adults, but this is a myth. However, your age will still determine how fast the treatment will be.

Results will be faster in children because they are still growing, thus, their jaws are growing and changing shape also, this will make the manipulation process of the braces easier and faster.

But this does not reduce the effects in adults, nor does it mean that an adult has to use braces for more than 24 months to get results

Note: The best time to get braces is age 12-13 years.

Patient’s compliance with instructions.

Braces come with the responsibility of applying necessary treatment, observing daily dental hygiene, keeping dental appointments, and adhering to the dentist’s instructions.

Failure to comply with the necessary instructions might cause problems in the treatment thereby elongating the treatment time. dental appointments, and adhering to the dentist’s instructions.

Failure to comply with the necessary instructions might cause problems in the treatment thereby elongating the treatment time. dental appointments and adhering to the dentist’s instructions.

Failure to comply with the necessary instructions might cause problems in the treatment thereby elongating the treatment time. appointment

So, guardians are advised to ensure their children’s compliance.

Complexity of Condition

How severe a patient’s condition is will determine how long it will take the braces to produce results. Some mild conditions might be corrected in 6-8 months while other serious conditions can take up to a year. This is also putting into consideration that adult cases take longer than children’s.

Type of Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is not limited to metal braces only. There are traditional fixed braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, and many more.

For example, Lingual braces are not placed on the outside of the teeth like the other types of braces. And it is commonly used by adults, but its treatment time is longer than the other.

Ceramic braces also cannot exert as much force as the traditional braces so it has a longer treatment time.

Tips to Ensure Fast Treatment

Even though you might not be able to quicken the treatment, you can ensure it does not last longer than necessary 

Keep Hard or Chewy Food to a Minimum

Hard or chewy food can easily get stuck in the braces and damage them, after which you will need to visit the dentist to repair it. This will surely slow down the treatment process.

Observe Basic Oral Health Care

Basic oral health care like brushing and flossing should still be observed regularly when you install braces. 

Failure to take proper care of your teeth will cause stain and plaque build-up, causing you a trip to the dentist and slowing down your treatment. 

Use Your Braces Right 

Wear your braces for as long as your dentist recommends and also use your attachment as you were instructed to. 

Attend All Dentist Appointments

There are usually follow-up appointments scheduled to check the braces and apply more pressure if need be.

You will also be able to monitor your progress and confirm if you are following the right treatment protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the use of braces hurt?

Installing your braces at first might not hurt. But when you go for tightening, you might experience little pain or soreness. 

More so, the tightening of fixed braces hurts more than that of removable braces.

Will my teeth be removed if I want to get braces?

Your teeth will only be removed if you do not have enough space in your jaw to contain all your teeth after the straightening. 

You do not have to worry as you will experience little or no pain due to tooth extraction. And you will experience no side effects. 

What is the shortest treatment time for braces?

As said above, braces treatment time depends on the condition and other factors. However, for minor conditions, the shortest time for treatment will be between 6-8months. 


If you think you need to get braces, you should visit the dentist for a consultation. Your dentist will know the suitable braces and treatment for you.

But remember, getting your teeth straightened will need your commitment and effort for the required period. 

And even though, technically, braces treatment in adults is supposed to take longer than in children, it is not always so.  Adults, unlike children, can follow the instructions easily and ensure the treatment goes on for as long as needed.

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