How is Microblading Different From Tattooed Eyebrow?

Updated on August 27, 2023

When you come across this term “microblading” on the television or internet, you may not understand what it is. You will have a lot of questions in your mind about the technique and the exact consequences of undergoing this beauty procedure. The term seems to be raging all over the internet, but very few of you may know about the pros and limitations of this technique. Avant Microblading is a trendy beauty studio in Georgia that guarantees a clean and safe environment for undergoing such procedures.

Now before you should go into the detailed process of microblading, it is essential that you understand the differences between tattooed eyebrow and microblading. The concept of the two procedures is more or less the same, with slight variations in the methods adopted for each technique. While tattooing your eyebrow, you must have come across some disastrous results such as poorly shaped ones, reduced sizes, and discolored ones. These are some unfortunate consequences of undergoing a tattoo which you cannot quickly forget or avoid looking at.

To get good shaped eyebrows, which people should notice and talk about, you should go to a beauty technician and choose microblading instead. You might ask at the very beginning – “why go for it?” You may think undergoing this procedure will ward off the natural look that you carry every day. But it is precisely opposite to this! Having the process done in the hands of a true professional will retain your natural look and intensify your beautiful eyebrows instead.

What is the concept of microblading?

Eyebrows play a very significant role in maintaining the aesthetics and shape of your face. The overall texture and symmetry of your eyebrows determines the frame of the upper part of your face and highlights your eyes. If you have unsymmetrical eyebrows which do not go with the framing and shape of your face, you can go for microblading. This process not only helps you maintain the definition of your eyebrows but also gives the right amount of thickness to them.

The technique of microblading involves fine cutting with the help of a needle that is dragged across your skin. This helps in making cut spaces for the pigment to be placed on your surface in the eyebrow line. If the process is done in the right way, these cuts made on the surface will create thin and crisp lines mimicking the hairline of your eyebrow. This way, the natural texture and look of your eyebrow are retained, and the beauty is intensified to another level.

What is the traditional tattooing of eyebrows?

The most classic way of getting your eyebrows tattooed is by the insertion of needles into your skin. Eyebrow tattooing is done either with the help of a machine or manually using hands. The tapping motion creates a particular sort of force of getting the pigment adequately placed on your skin, thereby making the tattoo last for a longer time.

Types of eyebrows produced by traditional tattooing

There are different types of eyebrows that can be created by tattooing in the conventional method.

1.    Powdered or Soft eyebrows: such kind of a look is the most common one to notice when you use powder on your eyebrows while doing your makeup. This method gives you the exact brown colour texture of your eyebrows that you like.

2.    Feathered or hair stroked eyebrows: this method is almost the same as microblading, but it has been into existence much earlier to microblading. This involves stroking of hair, but once it is healed, the results are not as crispy and thin looking eyebrows as you get from microblading. Still, by tattooing, you will get a natural and softer look with a much longer lasting effect.

3.    Crisp or thick eyebrows: this is the most common concept that you may have about tattooed eyebrows. By this method of tattooing, you get a dull and sharp eyebrow line which is well defined. But the only drawback is that it looks artificial and seems like a pencil-drawn one.

What are the critical differences in tattooing eyebrow and microblading?

Many people think that microblading and eyebrow tattooing are the same, but no it is not. Although both the methods might look very similar to one another, they are quite apart. Know how they differ with the points below:

1.    To get the natural look: microblading gives you a more natural looking eyebrow line than tattooing, which often makes you look like you have drawn them. This difference is mainly because microblading cause hair strokes that are similar to the growth pattern of eyebrow hair.

2.    Ink vs. pigment– for eyebrows, the same tattoo ink is used which is usually used for other tattooing purposes. But in the case of microblading, a different sort of special ink is used which gives you the ultimate natural looking eyebrow line. Often when a tattoo starts fading away, you are left with an oddly colored bluish-green tinted line which looks extremely artificial and weird. Such mishaps do not happen in the case of microblading.

3.    Permanent vs. semi-permanent- eyebrow tattooing is a permanent solution to your unsymmetrical eyebrows, although sometimes they might thinly fade. Microblading, on the other hand, has a lasting effect of about six months until even a year. If you wish to have a permanently looking denser eyebrow with microblading, you can go for touch-ups. This is a much better way of getting natural looking eyebrows for a longer time than a permanent artificial looking tattooed eyebrow.

The ultimate difference is the pain that you have to endure while going for an eyebrow tattoo. Microblading does not give you so much pain like that of a symbol. These points make it better in an overall.

Not having enough eyebrows is a common problem so if you’re facing this too, there’s no shame in fixing it up. Now that you know all about microblading and tattooing your eyebrows, you can choose the right option for yourself.

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