How Important Is A Proper Diet In Accomplishing Your Fitness Goals?

Updated on March 27, 2020

Mga resulta ng larawan para sa fitness diet

Fitness is such a vague word. How do you even define the word “fit”? For many people, it means having your collar bones and cheek bones show; it means having a flat and skinny waist that can fit in those high-wasted, size “zero” pants. There are also others who believe that being fit would mean having well-defined muscles that looks like you’re about to enter a weightlifting competition. And lastly, there are those who believe that being physically fit means that you’re invulnerable to sickness and diseases. 

We all have our definition of being healthy but what really is the truth?

First off, let’s start by debunking some crazy ideas people have about the word “fit.” Here are some things that I believe are worth mentioning:

  1. Being fit doesn’t mean fitting into size 0 outfits; it means being able to maintain a healthy body weight according to your height, age, and body type. For example, some people think they need to have their collar bones show before they can identify themselves as “skinny.” However, some body types don’t allow for that. There are also those who think that they need to meet a certain weight without acknowledging their height. If you want to know your ideal body weight, you can refer to your BMI or Body Mass Index which takes into account both your height and age.
  2. It also doesn’t mean having an hour glass figure. As I mentioned earlier, every person is unique and we all have different body types. Some have naturally wide hips or broad shoulders. Some are more petite than others. There are also those who appear muscular because their muscles develop faster than others. Being healthy doesn’t have anything to do with what type of body you have been blessed with. 
  3. Being strong and muscular doesn’t mean you are 100% fit either. Sure, having well-built and toned muscles are characteristics of an active and athletic individual but there are also those people who take substances to hasten muscle development like steroids and high-protein whey products. If you develop muscles through unnatural means, that hardly counts as healthy. In fact, it may have serious consequences to your health one day.
  4. Lastly, just because you’re physically fit does not mean you can’t get sick. It doesn’t make you invincible to the common cold and flu. However, compared to an unhealthy person, your body’s defenses can combat common pathogens more efficiently which leads to faster recovery. Again, you can get sick even when you’re physically fit; you just get over it faster!

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Anyway, misconceptions or not, actually caring about your physical wellness is a good start. It means that you’re conscious and aware of how important maintaining a healthy body is (no matter your motivations). All that you really need now is someone who can guide you in the right direction.

Say, learning about what a proper diet really is – for instance!

I know that modern media has a lot to say about dieting but what you really need to know is that more than losing weight, the main purpose of following a strict and healthy diet is to help your body build its defences through proper food intake.

Why Is A Proper Diet So Important In Achieving A Healthy Lifestyle?

Healthy eating habits have a number of benefits. Aside from helping you maintain an appropriate weight and a sizzling looking bod, it also helps keep your body strong and protected from foreign entities. Partnered with sufficient rest and exercise, a good diet can bring wonders in terms of boosting productivity, mood, and mental activity. We have to remember that we only get one body per lifetime so it’s very important that we care for it well.

Unfortunately, diet fads of today are hardly doing us any good. Most people, in fact, quit before they see any solid results. This is not because we are easily disheartened or that we lack motivation. The reason why most people quit is because the diet is too restrictive or limiting for them. The purpose of dieting is not to starve yourself; it’s to improve your body’s fitness by equipping it with the right nutrients.

Luckily, there is more than one way to achieve this. 

How Can You Come Up With A Good Diet Plan?

The first thing you really have to understand is your food preferences. Most diet fads assume that all people are the same and that they should all eat the same way. If you try to follow eating habits that do not suit you, you’ll end up just quitting halfway. The best way to devise a meal plan that you can actually stick to is to consider your own food preferences. 

For example, flavor. There must be certain flavors that you like, right? You can maintain a certain flavor while substituting unhealthy ingredients with healthier choices. You can use herbs and spices to make your food taste the same despite altering some components. This way, you can still satisfy your palate even when you’re dieting.

Next, you have to consider your body type. Most of us go on a diet to lose weight. Many would go as far as starve themselves in hopes of getting that bikini body. However, if you understand your body type well, you can lose weight without going hungry. You just have to find out what types of food make you gain weight faster and avoid them. You can click here to know more.

But most important of all, consider proper dieting as a new way of life – not just something you have to do for a couple of weeks or months. A good diet can go a long way and can help you achieve not just a better physique but better health overall!

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