How Healthcare is Coming to You in 2022

Updated on December 2, 2021

For the past century or so, there have been so many people living in society that healthcare has taken place mostly inside large hospital buildings, with dozens of wards and hundreds of beds. This is a useful way to centralize tools, resources, and expertise in one space—but there are downsides. Some patients can waste the time of busy doctors and nurses, while others may get ill from a superbug caught on the ward. That’s why home-based, instant medicine is the future—and why it’s coming to your home in 2022. 


While hospitals have been continually filling up with COVID patients over the past 20 months, there’s been a huge backlog in other medical cases, treatments, and operations which would have otherwise taken place. But to help clear this backlog, and to advise on treatments for those who are too vulnerable to travel to hospital for an appointments, telemedicine has risen to take the place of a physical doctor—with great success. Not only does this form of medicine mean that people can get advice from professionals whenever they need or want it, it’s also more efficient, with less paperwork and appointment-booking administration. This therefore saves hospitals time, meaning they can perform the important work of keeping the critically ill alive. 


Next up are the internet-based resources that the general public are becoming more and more familiar with. They’re happy to check up on COVID cases and variants on trusted medical and disease prevention websites, but they’re not well-versed in the ways of the WHO and the programs they run to keep the world safe from illness and disease. Furthermore, they know which newscasters are reputable and which tend to be spurious.

In addition, there are hundreds of websites dedicated to helping an individual or their loved one get better. Take the information on the website of a residential rehab at Brookside, for instance—it’s a brilliant resource for those wondering how to recover from addiction, and what that recovery might involve. There are sites for all kinds of illness, which means medical knowledge will be coming to you in ever-greater detail in 2022. 

Mobile Medicine

Finally, it’s clear that the pandemic has given a shot in the arm to those who suggest mobile medicine should be the system we use in the future to care for the ill and the elderly. It’s clear that, in times of infectious disease, it’s not fantastic to gather the vulnerable in one place, where outbreaks could cost hundreds of lives. Keeping some medical teams on wheels and performing home visits might be the answer to this challenge. 

And it’s not like this is especially revolutionary—it’s how medicine was often conducted before the “big society” required more and more hospitals to keep it well. So a turn back to this form of medical treatment and care could be a concept that we see develop further in 2022. 

These three key areas will be bringing medicine into the homes of millions in 2022, giving ordinary people extraordinary access to talent, knowledge, and advice. 

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